Patriots vs Ravens-Divisonal Match Up Thoughts


Everyone is so worried about the Patriots playing the Ravens in the divisional round this year. The Ravens were able to beat the Bell-less Steelers who have been up and down all year. Now everyone is shaking in their boots because of the ghosts of playoff past.


If the Ravens decide to put outstanding rookie LB CJ Mosley against Gronk, the Patriots will torch the Ravens defense. The Ravens have had issues covering big, quick tight ends; Antonio Gates went wild on them and Jimmy Graham scored 2 touchdowns. Neither of those tight ends is as good as Gronk is. As long as Gronk doesn’t get hurt (I’m expecting some cheap shots on him) the offense has a chance to roll.

The biggest match-up is going to be the Ravens edge rushers against Solder and Vollmer. I think Vollmer can handle Dumervil, but I don’t know if Solder can stop Suggs 1-0n-1. I expect Develin and Vereen to be on the field a lot for pass protection, or they put someone in as an extra blocker on Suggs.

Joe Flacco doesn’t throw an interception in 1 playoff game and everyone is thinking he’s repeating the 2013 season, he’s not. He will do what he’s always done, expect his receivers to bail him out. They won’t. Revis on Steve Smith, Browner with McCourty on Torrey Smith, Collins on Daniels and either Chung or Hightower in the box to stop the run or to follow a runner out of the backfield. Where will Flacco go?

Everyone thinks that the Ravens D-line will stomp on the Patriots O-line, and they might. But I think the patriots will be doing it right back. As up and down as the Patriots’ line has been, the Ravens’ O-line hasn’t been much better. Sit there and tell me that you don’t like the Chandler Jones against an undrafted rookie free agent tackle match-up.


Brady hasn’t played his best against the Ravens in the playoffs. Then again, he didn’t have Gronk. I think Brady’s numbers will be better than Flacco’s, but I think Brady will hit the ground more.

Gronk will score, hopefully by running over Terrell Suggs. Gronk is super pumped for this game, he said it himself. I don’t see anyone covering him in this game.

I don’t think either team will run the ball very well. The Patriots will probably have a few less rushing yards because Vereen will be used in the passing and blocking game. The Raven’s running game is unpredictable. Forsett has been banged up, and Bernard Pierce likes to fumble, so there’s that.

Bottom line, whoever wins the turnover battle wins the game. Plain and simple. Brady will probably throw at least 1 pick, most likely while he’s getting hit. Flacco could continue to not throw interceptions, but hopefully he’ll have to force throws.


I’m from Baltimore, born and raised, and I hate the Ravens. Half of it is Terrell Suggs and the other half is the fan base. I can’t go on any social media site without seeing some vulgar or violent comment towards Brady. It sickens me. I see Patriots fans saying that it’s going to be a tough game, but they think the Pats can pull it off, then I see Ravens fans saying they want Brady dead or saying he’s a fairy,  a princess or that the refs play favorites. It’s disgusting. What I’ll get from Raven’s fans is if the Patriots win, it’ll be because the Ravens got cheated, if the Patriots lose, it’s because the Patriots can’t win if they don’t cheat.

God I want the Patriots to stomp the Ravens into oblivion, but I don’t think it’ll happen. Hopefully they’ll still win though, because if they don’t, I’ll never hear the end of it.