2015 NFL Playoff Predictions: Patriots, Seahawks Meet In Super Bowl


As the 2015 playoffs are set to begin, debates will be commonplace, and analysis of each individual matchup will be so detailed, you may forget what the original discussion was about. The NFL playoffs are so big, the requirements aren’t just watching the games, you have to dissect them, argue about them, and the most important one: predict them.

Everybody loves predictions, especially around this time of the year, so let’s get this things started.

(I’m going to do a separate, more detailed breakdown of this weekend’s games on Saturday, so we’re just going to skip right to the conference championships)

NFC Championship

Seattle vs. Dallas

Picking the Cowboys to win at Lambeau in January might not be the best idea ever, but I’m taking a shot. I think DeMarco Murray and that offensive line would dominate the line of scrimmage, giving Tony Romo and Dez Bryant plenty of opportunities down the field, in addition to keeping Aaron Rodgers on the sidelines.

Of course, the wild-card in all of this is Rodgers’ leg injury, because if it is serious, Dallas may actually roll to an easy win. As for Seattle, I’m sorry, there is no way the Panthers, Lions, or Cardinals are going up to their house and getting a win.

AFC Championship

New England vs. Pittsburgh

Generally, Peyton Manning doesn’t start his usual suckfest until the playoffs get here, but he decided to get it cranked early this year, as his December has been straight up awful. I think if the Steelers can get past the Ravens on Saturday night, they will go up to Denver, and outscore the Broncos in a wild one. If I can’t have Tom Brady, I want Big Ben leading my team in the playoffs, and Peyton and his noodle-arm won’t be able to keep up with Antonio Brown and company.

On the other side, I am still scared to death of the Ravens, but even if the Pats do face Baltimore, I think they would able to squeak out the win. And as for the Colts and Bengals, it’ll be a massacre if they have to play the Patriots in Foxboro in the divisional round.

Super Bowl

Seattle vs. New England

This is what everybody wants. There are so many storylines that would come about if this game were to materialize, and with both squads holding home-field advantage, I don’t see them losing until they get to Arizona. Let’s run through the storylines in this one, just because how awesome they would be.

  • Brady vs. Wilson
  • Sherman vs. Revis
  • Browner facing his old team
  • Gronk
  • Belichick vs. old Pats’ coach in Pete Carroll
  • Elite defense on elite defense
  • Two best safeties in the league going at it

You get the picture? This matchup is meant to happen, and I don’t see any team in either conference knocking them off at home.

We’ll see what happens.

(Also, I’d like to add this is the matchup I predicted before the season began. I’m sticking with it.)