Patriots vs Bills 2-Predictions, Match-Ups and Thoughts


So the Patriots were able to wrap up the first overall seed in the AFC with a win against the Jets, and a little help from the Bengals. In the regular season finale, the Patriots take on the Bills in Foxboro.


The Patriots have nothing to play for outside of continuing their streak of consecutive home wins against AFC opponents. They have home field advantage throughout the playoffs, an nothing is going to change that. Belichick didn’t say whether or not the starter would play the entire, if any of the game Sunday. Brady wants to play to work out some of the offensive struggles (mainly the o-line, again), but it remains to be seen what the front office will decide to do. I think the starters will play, but only a quarter or two.

With names like Edelman, Connolly, Blount, Arrington and Dennard all not playing against the Jets, and the injury report a mile long, the starters won’t play the entire game. I agree that they shouldn’t sit the entire contest out because the Patriots still have work  to do staying sharp, and they can’t afford to look sluggish in the playoffs.


Not knowing who’s playing and for how long, it’s difficult to give any match-ups. I think Revis will start on Sammy Watkins, but he probably will sit the second half. The last time these guys played, the Patriots allowed Scott Chandler to have a career day, but they also held everyone else in check. I was surprised at the amount of points the Patriots allowed to the Bill, but that was before the Patriots defense really started clicking. So, regardless of who lines up against who, I think the two biggest match-ups are the Patriots o-line against that tough Bills front, and the Patriots defense trying to let let up a second half touchdown for the 6th straight week.


If the Patriots’ starters play the entire game, Patriots win. If they only play a half, they probably won’t. It’s not that I don’t think the back-ups are capable, it’s just that there’s a world of drop off behind the starters. As much as I like what Tim Wright can do, he’s not Gronk. And Not having Gronk on the field makes the offense sluggish. Either way, if it was my call, Gronk would play a quarter, max. He hasn’t been in the playoffs in years because of injury. Let’s not add another year at the end of the season.