The Expatriated Patriots Fan: In Game Thoughts – Miami at New England


Dec 14, 2014; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots defensive end Rob Ninkovich (50) sacks Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill (17) during the second half at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots won 41-13. Mandatory Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The Expatriated Patriots Fan: News and Views from Outside New England

After two weeks of being able to watch at home, the 1:00 game, with the Pats heavily favored was not show in the central Virginia area. So once again, off to a sports bar I go, to watch the Pats. In this case the downtown Richmond Buffalo Wild Wings. I don’t mind watching them there, but if the NFL Sunday Ticket was on anything other than DirectTV, I would definitely have it. Joining me are a local friend and fellow Pats fan, my wife, and an old friend from my school days, who flew all the way down from Maine for a visit over the weekend.

Anyway, here are my thoughts through the game as it happened.

First Quarter.

Frist Miami Possession

  • Well, that wasn’t a good start. Field goal range after one play. Might want to cover long now and then.
  • OK, that makes up for it. That’s two blocked kicks in 3 games! (Granted, not a punt) Collins for President!
  • 7-0 Pats, and Brady hasn’t taken the field. I could grow to like having a D again.

Second Miami Possession

  • 1st and 25 after the facemask. We should be able to hold this one…
  • Have to admit, was nervous when they went long on that 3rd and 15. And then you have to hold your breath until you are sure there is no flag.

First Patriots Possession

  • Edelman looked like the whole like the whole team, until that tip/pick.

Third Miami Possession

  • I wish we would stop allowing those long passes
  • They are moving the ball more easily than I am comfortable with..
  • Pretty wimpy call on Collins. He was just trying to get the receiver out of his face.
  • Was that a designed run by Tannehill? Yep, on replay it clearly was. Wow.
  • FG is a moral victory here I suppose.

Second Patriots Possession

  • 7-3 Pats
  • Blount didn’t even go down on that run
  • Is Brady throwing low, or are they getting lucky?

Second Quarter

Second Patriots Possession Continued

  • Doesn’t matter on the 3rd and 1. Forward progress!
  • 3rd and 13. This won’t end well …
  • AMENDOLA … REALLY. Falls down untouched, 2 yards short of the 1st. Sigh …

Fourth Miami Possession

  • Cleveland is getting smoked. Johnny football doesn’t appear to be doing much for them.
  • There is Browner’s obligatory penalty. (Pretty legit call unfortunately)
  • They ran all over us in the first game. I figured this one would be better, but that was a nice run just then. And they have had a few of them.
  • And another long passes given up.
  • How are we up still at this point?
  • Ok, running right over Vince Wilfork is not the best path for them. They are welcome to keep trying that though. Even the Miami fans are chuckling.
  • And Jones makes his impact felt. Probably 3rd and 15 after that TFL
  • GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO . Almost had the D outscoring our O 14-7. Still, great pick and return!

Third Patriots Possession

  • Nice power run by Blount. Brady’s pass at LaFells feet not so good though
  • And VEREEEN!

Fifth Miami Possession

  • Time of possession stats are going to look really messed up in this game.
  • Another flag on browner. Long one this time.
  • That was a nice Tackle for Loss (TFL) by Hightower on the 2nd and 3. 3rd and 9 now. That helped a lot
  • WOW we got lucky on that drop. They made the FG though. Still, 6-14 isn’t bad. It’s the D keeping us in the game though.
  • Manziel is 2/5 for 1 yard with a pick. Time for Hoyer. Cleveland is down 20-0
  • Houston’s 3rd string QB is about 0-3 on handoffs now. Not passes, hand offs.

Fourth Patriots Possession

  • Stopping is never good for an RB, but Blount is big enough that he seems to be able to still pick up some momentum again even with a guy hanging on to him.
  • We are lucky that wasn’t picked. Tommy B is not looking good in this game.
  • Long to Gronk on 3rd and ten. Almost picked.

Sixth Miami Possession

  • Man they are running well.
  • Can’t give up those 3rd downs to screens, even if only 3rd and two.
  • Well, we held the 2 minute drill. I can remember when the other team scoring on one of those was a given.

Fifth Patriots Possession

  • Johnny Football just threw his second pick.
  • 36 seconds left, and we call a run. AND Miami calls a timeout, basically saying they know we won’t get a first down. Embarrassing
  • Ran it again. We are conceding them the possession. No way that comes back to haunt us …
  • 4 and 9th and they are getting it back with 25 seconds. No Timeouts, but really …
  • They almost scored on the runback. Would have served us right

Seventh Miami Possession

  • They are in FG range already. So we just gave up 3 points with that lame possession.
  • And actually it was 7. That was as pathetic a series as you could get really. If they go for 2, it will be tied. We are playing to lose here.
  • Well, we are still up. Not sure why you don’t go for 2 there, but I am not complaining.
  • Miami is dominating this game. (Friend’s comment)

We are lucky we are not down. That was a horrible, horrible last possession, it cost us 7 points, and looks like LaFell might have gotten hurt on the kick off. (which we almost lost)

Second Half

Third Quarter

First Patriots Possession

  • Blount, Gray, and BRADY! Lowering the shoulder even. Running Back by Committee. At least the O woke up there. Pats, 21-13.

First Miami Possession

  • Another good 1st down run by Miami.
  • 3 and out though. I will take that.

Second Patriots Possession

  • Long one to Tyms. Overthrown a bit. Brady needs to dial it back on the long bombs. We don’t have Moss anymore.
  • I think Gray is at least partially out of the doghouse now.
  • Well, we are up 11. I should feel good about this, but I still don’t. Not yet.

Second Miami Possession

  • Not really Tannehills fault, but we will take the pick!

Third Patriots Possession

  • 1 Play, Pick for Miami, next play TD, Brady to Gronk. And all of a sudden, we have a blowout brewing. Can we keep it up?

Third Miami Possession

  • That was not the possession Miami needed right now. I couldn’t be happier.

Fourth Patriots Possession

  • And another long one to Gronk and then TD to Edelman. This is not your first half Patriots!

Fourth Miami Possession

  • Damn, long reception, but we could have had that fumble. Need to snuff out any momentum they do have. No sense giving them hope
  • 4th and 18 and going for it. You need 3 TDs, one of which is a 2 point conversion, and a FG to tie. I get going for 4th and short here, but not 4th and 18 And definitely not sure throwing a 9 yard pass there was the way to go. But hey, I am not going to complain if that is what they want to do. Turnover on downs.

Fifth Patriots Possession

  • Surprised we are still throwing, but it seems to be working. All we really need to do is kill clock here. Under 7:45 left as Gray gets a first down
  • We are going to win this one, but those batted passes are not going to work in the playoffs. Brady needs to get those under control
  • 41-13. 4 TDs to tie for Miami. Think this one might be safe …
  • The fans are heading out to beat traffic

Fifth Miami Possession

  • If we had gotten that sack on second down, I think it would have been a 30 yard loss.
  • I am fine with us giving up a score here, but keep it inbounds! Make them burn clock. That said, it is still over

Sixth Patriots Possession

  • And we have a Jimmy G sighting. The fat lady is singing. I am sure Brady is still mad they took him out.

Well, that was a heck of a lot better than it looked going into the half. The D had it’s second game where they were shaky through a significant portion, and that is concerning. But this year, we seem to have a D (and special Teams unit) that can hold its own when the O stumbles. That leaves me feeling pretty good. On to the Meadowlands …