The Expatriated Patriots Fan : In game thoughts on Pats at Packers


Nov 30, 2014; Green Bay, WI, USA; New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski (87) attempts to catch a pass while Green Bay Packers free safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (21) defends during the second half at Lambeau Field. The Packers won 26-21. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

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I thought I would try something new for this game. Normally, my efforts are focused on the power rankings on Sundays, and my colleges at Musketfire provide quick and
capable analysis.

So I thought I would focus some on my “At the moment” thoughts, transcribed as I watched the game.

I live in Richmond Va, so I don’t get to see many games from home. This one was almost nationally televised, so I had the rare luxury of being able
to not go to a sports bar, despite this not being TNF/SNF/MNF.

So, still suffering from post Thanksgiving bloat, I settled in, game jersey & Patriots socks on (and my wife wearing lots of Patriots gear as well) to watch the Patriots take on perhaps the best team they have played all year. (Toss up here versus the Broncos)

Came in with 12 minutes left in the first. (1:00 game ran long) So here are my thoughts on the game as I watched.

Sims is so obviously anti-Patriots

Holding them to a FG isn’t to bad.

Didn’t open with the dreaded 3-out, but we did go 4- out.

That hands penalty on Browner was huge. Would have been 3-18.

That run by Rogers also killed us. 1-20 to 2-2. Really?

Lucky to still be a one score game.

And that kickoff was a gift.

4-1 at the 49. I think we should have gone for that.

They have gone to Adams a couple times. Looks like they think he is a mismatch on Ryan. Sure looked it there. Adams has 90 yards in the first alone.

TD packers. Rogers to Rogers.This isn’t looking to good. Nelson and Cobb are quiet, but we have to cover the 3rd and 4th targets as well.

209 yards in the 1st quarter already? We need to get a drive going, or make a play on D.

That throw to Gronk gets us on their side of the field at least.

Bolden sighting. Gray must REALLY be in the dogohouse.

And again for the TD! Wow. His first of the season. I would rate him as our 4th option at RB, but two solid back to back runs there. Good to know we aren’t going to put up some sort of fight. But can the D find its footing. Our nickel and dime corners need to step up with coverage on the 3rd and 4th receivers

And right on cue, Cobb shows up to prove me wrong, with a big gain on 3rd and 5.

This is going to be 4 scores on 4 drives. Not good. Maybe we can hold for another FG.

Generous spot. We should challenge that.

Nice delayed blitz by Hightower, for loss of 9!

OK, only a FG, but we need to stop them on a drive at some point.

Lucky that wasn’t picked after Mathews got a hand on it!

And Vereen. That is 6 different receivers I think.

OHHH. Thought Gronk was taking that one in. I guess even he goes down when you get 5 guys on him.

OK, we have a game. Now let’s see if we can keep Rogers under control for the last 1:05 of the half.

OK, the NFL has way to many ads, but the “Push it real good” ad was pretty funny.

Damn, that is not a good way to do it. Gain of 28 followed by a gain of 9.

Son of a …

That is what we brought in our improved secondary to avoid. We can’t let that happen.
Looks like there was a push off, but it wasn’t called. Still shouldn’t have happened.

Coming out of the half, we can’t get sluggish. No 3 and outs.

So, it’s 3rd and 13, and Edelman is hurt as we call Time out. (really, with less than a minute gone in the half. No chance we will need that T/O) Not looking good here.

SON OF A … Where was that even going? 3 and out.

They scored on all 5 drives in the 1st half. If we don’t do better here, this could get ugly.

Why was Brady on a leash in that cut away? (Click here if you missed it)

That is 6 of 6 for scoring. At least it’s a FG, but even that is starting to sound thin. We need to get tough between the 20’s.

NO GOOD! Whew. We are still (obviously) in the game, but we need to start doing something soon).

Edelman is not on the field. Ugg.

I like Vereen, but not between the tackles as much as we use him for that. Big 3rd and 9 here.

And into the dirt.

OK, the “Push It” ad may have been funny, but the Old Spice one is stupid!

Apparently the D only does 3rd downs in the red zone.

It’s about freak’n time. We are awful on breakdowns when the QB gets out of the pocket, but we actually made a play on that one!

First Green Bay punt. I have mixed feelings about that … Now can the O pick it up.

Brady overthrows so many long passes. Like he is throwing to Randy Moss still. We can’t reward that defensive effort with a 3 and out.

Looks like we would have, but the flag saved us. It was a legit flag to, that affected the catch. Glad mini-tron is back in.



Ok, that made me feel a lot better. Now can the D repeat its last performance?

Good coverage. If we had any sort of pass rush on that play, it would have been a sack.

We got lucky there, but still a FG opens the door for us to take the lead. Fingers crossed.

Ok, we can’t do that. They have scored on 6 of 7 possessions. We have to get the score.

Gutsy, but I approve of going for it on 4th. Big, big chance, but I think we had to score here. Can’t count on the D stopping them completely, and even a FG would put them up 2 scores. (9)

Keep pounding that rock!

%^$%^! What a time for a sack.

And wide right on the kick. Really? Seems like this isn’t our game. Ghostkowski’s 2nd miss of the season!

Even if we got that FG, the Packers would still be running out the clock. Think we should have gone for that 4th down.

Out of Timeouts. A 1st down here is basically game. Maybe a pick? Is that too much to ask?

Apparently. And that is pretty much game. No pressure at all on that play.

Well, we had a game to give, and losing a close game to Green Bay at Lambeau is hardly a worrisome loss. But still, I think we could have had this one. Can’t slip up the rest of the way now though.

I credit Belichick for going for that 4th and 3 from his territory, but I still think we shouldn’t have tried that FG at the end. Even if made, the Chargers would have still run out the clock like they did. If nothing else, maybe an onside kick?

Oh well. On to the Chargers.