New England Patriots Quotes: Darrelle Revis Says Aaron Rodgers Is Biggest Test Yet


Some of the New England Patriots’ met with the media yesterday to discuss their upcoming matchup with the Green Bay Packers. Here are some soundbites from ESPN Boston: (As usual the terrific Mike Reiss was on the story)

Matthew Slater on contract extension:

"“I’m just so thankful for what the lord has done in my life and my career, [to] develop me here as a player and as a man. I’m thankful for an opportunity to continue that development — to the coaching staff, Bill Belichick and this organization for believing in me and appreciating a player like me.”"

Devin McCourty on this secondary:

"“This group has worked really hard each week of trying to be prepared and trying to be on point to the matchups we have. It hasn’t been easy. …I think our coaching staff does a good job each week coming up with whatever they think gives us the best chance to win. Here, we take it as a challenge to be ready for that. It’s not easy when you do different things throughout the week.”"

Darrelle Revis on facing Aaron Rodgers:

"Revis called Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers the team’s biggest test to date. Asked where he seems to hurt defenses most, he said, “Scrambling, when you watch film, that’s what you see a lot of — they extend a lot of plays.” Revis added that it’s his first time playing at Lambeau Field, which is something he’s looking forward to."

Tom Brady on talking with Rodgers:

"“I’ve known Aaron for a long time. We always enjoy seeing each other, and that’s what both of us love to do is talk football. I’m always trying to learn from him. There’s a lot to talk about. I don’t know if there are so many specifics other than I’m probably trying to get into his brain a little bit and he’s trying to get into mine. I think there are a lot of things that they do offensively that are really good. Everyone does things differently on offense. Everyone’s goal is to score points. You look at another team’s style and how they do it and you just want to understand how they’re doing it and see if you can learn something and maybe implement it into what your team does. They’re pretty spectacular at what they do. They’ve got a great team, great offense. He is obviously one of the best players to ever play the position, so there is a lot to learn from.”"

Tom Brady on touchdown-to-interception ratio:

"“To score points, you need a lot of consistent effort over the course of the game. If you’re throwing it or running it in, it’s not a big difference in terms of the score at all, obviously. But turnovers limit your scoring. That’s the problem with turnovers. You can’t score if you’re turning it over. It’s like a punt. If you go out and you punt 12 times, you’re not scoring points. That’s not good. So, when you turn the ball over and throw interceptions, you’re giving the other team more opportunities and your team less opportunities. Not that they’re going to take advantage of it every single time, but the odds are they’re going to take advantage of it more than they’re not.”"