New England Patriots’ Quotes: Tom Brady, LeGarrette Blount, Brandon Browner React To Win

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Nov 23, 2014; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski (87) runs after a reception as Detroit Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy (54) moves in for the tackle during the second quarter at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Rob Gronkowski

(On the contributions of Tim Wright and LeGarrette Blount)
“It’s always nice. That’s why it’s so great to be part of this team. Anyone can contribute at any time. Anyone can make a play at any time and we just want to spread out the ball, get everyone involved, and just work together as a team throughout the whole game.”

(On the overall play of the offense)
“We were doing a very good job. Tom [Brady] was finding the open holes, open receivers, and he was hitting them. We were moving the ball well. There were a lot of times that we definitely could have finished better, but overall we did a good job. The defense played very, very good. You got to give credit to the whole defense. They played an unbelievable game, and on offense we just did our job, got it done, and got a good victory.”

(On Tim Wright’s big day)
“He’s a great player. He works hard, goes out to practice and works hard, and it’s great to see him get two [touchdowns] today. He definitely deserves it and it’s great to see him have some success.”

Brandon LaFell

(On his contributions to the team)
“It felt great, but at the end of the day it felt like we left a lot of plays out there. We started off on fire and then we just got in our own way with penalties in the third quarter. When we needed a big drive at the end of the game we came out there and produced one.”

(On how he feels physically following the game)
“I’m good. If we had a game tonight, I’d be ready to play. I’m good, I won’t miss [any] time. My body’s feeling great.”

(On how it feels to have worked to his current status with the team)
“It feels great to be where I’m at now compared to where I was at at the beginning of the season. Going out there, putting together good games back-to-back, earning time, trust, and the coaching staff’s trust. And the trust of my teammates to depend on me in big-time situations like it was today; to come to me in that situation. So it feels good, but as a whole offense and as a whole team, it feels good to be in the position we are at now.”

(On how working on back-shoulder passes has improved over the course of the season)
“We go out there and we throw the ball down the field. It kind of loosens defenses up; they can’t sit on routes, they can’t put extra guys in for the run. You need to hit a couple of those plays or just throw them a couple of times a game just to loosen a defense up.”

(On how important it is for every player on offense to do their job)
“It’s important on every play. We’d have been here, earlier this season, where it was 10 guys doing the right thing and one guy doing something wrong, where we would have left plays out on the field. Every play is important for all the different guys to be on the same page and do their job. It happened, on Tim [Wright’s] touchdowns, it happened; everybody doing their job. Offensive line gave extra time to block up front and Tom stepped up and found Tim wide open. That’s what it takes.”

Darrelle Revis

(On what winning three straight games against top quarterbacks says about the secondary)
“I don’t know all the stats. I just know that we come out and we play hard, we play tough. This team is dialed in very well, and we execute well. It’s panning out for us. We’re working hard, and we’re dialing on these guys real good.”

(On the defense’s turnover bag)
“Yeah, we have a turnover bag. When somebody gets a turnover on defense, we bring the ball back to the sidelines and put it in the turnover bag. Logan [Ryan] got one today. I don’t think we got a strip sack, but those guys up front were all over [Matthew] Stafford the whole game. It bought us some time in the back to stay latched on those guys and continue to cover throughout the plays.”

(On how much easier it is on the secondary when the front generates pressure)
“The defensive line has been doing a great job of putting pressure on quarterbacks throughout the whole season. We’ve just got to continue to play consistent across the board. They say the defensive line and the secondary are attached together, and we continue to do that. We played great in the D-line area, and we played great in the secondary as well. It’s working out well. Even the linebackers – [Dont’a] Hightower and Jamie [Collins] – they’re playing well, too. We’ve just got to continue to stay consistent, and we’ve been doing it. Guys have been pushing each other throughout the week, and even during games in certain situations we’re in, guys are saying we’ve got to get off the field when it’s third down, and guys are really in tune and focused on what we need to accomplish as a defense.”

(On the confidence of the team growing each week)
“Everybody is being a leader. I remember when Kyle [Arrington] went down and Logan [Ryan] came in, Logan was in the huddle talking, ‘We need to get off the field.’ Leadership comes from everybody, and we appreciate that from everybody. And everybody listens. We have no egos, and guys want to win.”

Logan Ryan

(On going into the Green Bay game with confidence after facing three good quarterback/receiver combinations)
“Everybody in the NFL is good. All the receivers are good, and all the quarterbacks are good. What you see in practice every day is very good. We just approach it the same, we’re going to enjoy this one but tomorrow we’ll go over the film and then start getting ready for Green Bay.”

(On the mindset heading into the Detroit game)
“It’s just a do your job mentality, whatever the coverage may be and whatever your matchup may be with whoever is in there. Everyone trusts each other, I trust Darrelle [Revis] to do his job; I trust [Brandon] Browner to do his job, Kyle [Arrington], Alfonzo [Dennard]. I want them to trust me. That just comes through continuously making plays, continuously being a good teammate and continuously making plays in practice. We’re going to build that comraderie and chemistry to have no worries back there.”

(On Brandon Browner’s play against Detroit)
“He’s a good corner for a reason. That’s why he has success in this league. In order to play corner you’ve got to be able to run. He can do it all, [he’s] a big physical guy. I think he did great today.”

Ryan Wendell

(On the team’s versatility on offense)
“I think Josh [McDaniels] sees what he sees and calls the game the best that he can, and he did a great job of putting us in position to score today.”

(On if the versatility of the offense makes it harder for opponents to prepare)
“I don’t know. I have never had to make a defensive game plan, so I don’t know.”

(On running back LeGarrette Blount’s performance after joining the team late in the week)
“I think it says a lot about him. It says how hard he worked this week to get back into the rhythm of things. He didn’t skip a beat.”

(On the key to going against Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh)
“I don’t have much to say about their defense, except that we won and now I’m starting to work on Green Bay. I’m moving on.”

(On if the team made any in-game adjustments against Suh and the Lions defensive line)
“I just run the plays. The adjustments, you’ve got to talk to Josh [McDaniels] about those.”

(On if anything changes offensively when a different running back is in the game)
“Everybody’s got a little bit different style, but all of our guys do a great job getting what’s there. LeGarrette loves to run over people and I like to watch.”

(On keeping quarterback Tom Brady upright over the past couple of weeks)
“That’s our job; to keep him safe. We just try to do it as best we can.”

Tim Wright

(On working closely with Rob Gronkowski)
“We both work hard and try to play off of each other. However the dice may fall, however the defense plays it, who doubles who, the other guy just has to be ready for the opportunity. That’s what we pride ourselves on.”

(On the overall game plan)
“The Lions have a great defense all around. We knew going into that game that whatever that role is, we had to stick to it and that’s what we had to utilize for that game. We did a great job. The [offensive] line held up great. Tom delivered. He does what he does all the time, and just the receivers getting open and doing their job. We knew timing was critical going into it and the offensive line did a great job all week of sticking together and creating a scheme to defeat their d-line, defeat the pass rush. Give Tom time to deliver the ball, that’s what he did, and the receivers on the perimeter ran great routes and we got it done.”

(On what it’s like to see all three phases of the game come together)
“It’s definitely rewarding. Like I said, every phase of the ball is important to this game that we play. As long as everyone works hard during the week, it will pay off on Sunday.”