New England Patriots vs. Detroit Lions Final Score: Patriots Dominate, Win 34-9


The New England Patriots continued their excellent 2014 campaign today, beating up on another one of the NFL’s elite. The Detroit Lions came into the game with a 7-3 record and the number one ranked defense.

They left with broken souls.

Tom Brady struck early and often, abusing Detriot’s secondary, as the Pats jumped out to a 24-6 halftime lead, and cruised through the second half to secure the victory. Brady completed 38 of 53 passes, for 349 yards, two touchdowns, and one pick that shouldn’t have counted. Coming into the game I said if the Patriots gave Brady time, he would rip apart this mediocre secondary, and that is exactly what he did. Brady spread the ball around, exploiting every little mismatch they had in the passing game.

Julian Edelman led the way with 11 catches for 89 yards, Brandon LaFell put in nine caches for 98 yards, and Rob Gronkowski and Tim Wright combed for 10 catches, 114 yards, and two touchdowns.

But as great as Brady and the wideouts were, it was the offensive line that stole the show. Going up against the best defensive front in football, they dominated, giving their quarterback all day to throw from start to finish. This group has come a long way from that debacle in Kansas City, now surrendering only four sacks over this seven-game win streak. Brady dropped back 53 times today, and did not give up one single sack. That’s impressive.

Defensively for the Patriots, it was about as dominating as it gets. Detroit couldn’t run the ball at all, and Matthew Stafford completed a mere 39% of his passes. Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner were abusive of the Lions’ outside receivers, completely eliminating Golden Tate and Calvin Johnson from the offense. The best secondary in the league struck once again.

And of course, in his return to New England, LeGarrette Blount ran the ball 12 times for 78 yards and two touchdowns. His physical running style helped against an extremely physical defensive front, which will come in handy in January and potentially February.

Seven in a row. Bring on the Packers.