Patriots vs Lions- Match-Ups, Predictions and Thoughts


The Patriots keep on rolling as Detroit comes to Foxboro to take on the Patriot in what should be a great game.


There are two match-ups that I think are worth keeping an eye on: Brandon Browner on Megatron and Revis on Golden Tate. I think the Patriots will have Browner covering Megatron because Browner is much bigger and stronger than Revis is. Megatron is banged up ad will definitely not be his normal dominant self, he’s nursing an ankle injury and he’s gone through various bumps and bruises all season. Browner should be able to match up with him size wise. Revis will be on Golden Tate because Tate is too fast for Browner. Revis will hopefully shut him down the same way that he shut Reggie Wayne down last weak.

I also want to see Gronk against the Lions pass defense. Detroit has a monster front line, so no Patriots back will have a big game, but their secondary is suspect. If Brady gets the time he needs in the pocket, he should be able to pick people apart, and Gronk will most likely be his main target.


Everyone says that the Cardials have the best defense in the league, and as true as that may be, the Patriots defense isn’t far behind. The Pats defense allowed less than 20 rushing yards last week against the high power Indy offense (19 yards on 17 carries). Reggie Bush might not play again, and even if he did, he won’t be anywhere near 100%. Joique Bell will see the primary running back load, and Theo Riddick will be the receiving back. Those two are good, but not great, so I think the Detroit run game will get stuffed.

I also think that if the Pats get decent pressure on Stafford, he’ll have one of his erratic decision games. Stafford will have games where he look incredible, then he’ll plummet back to earth and have a miserable game. Let’s hope this game will be miserable.


The Patriots are clicking on all cylinders and the Lions are battling through injuries, let’ hope that New England can get the better of the Lions and prepare for a showdown in Green Bay.