New England Patriots’ Quotes: Tom Brady Wishes He Was Like Andrew Luck


Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks of all time, and is currently riding one of the hottest streaks of his career. And yet, it is never enough for Brady, as his comments today regarding Andrew Luck revealed that he is a bit jealous of the young star. (Via ESPN Boston)

Brady on Luck:

"“He’s a great player, in his third year, and he’s had a lot of success. Their offense is doing a great job this year; they score a lot of points [averaging a league-high 32.2 per game], especially at home. He’s kind of the ringleader. He does a lot of things I wish I could do.”“He’s big, fast, shrugs off blockers. He makes a lot of extended plays. He’s a great passer. I think they’ve thrown for more yards [3,105] at this point in the year than any other team in history. It speaks to what they’re doing offensively, and it’s a great challenge for our defense. We’re going to have to score a lot. When you play another great offense, you’re going to have to put up a lot of points, similar to our last game [against Denver]. We realize we have a big job, too.“My focus is on the other side of the ball, but you also know you’re not going to be able to score 13 points and win the game.”"

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I am a huge Luck fan. Every other week of the year I am rooting my hardest for this kid to do well. But as Julian Edelman said, “I like my quarterback”. Brady is playing better than any other signal caller in the NFL right now, and that includes Luck. Of course I’m not saying it wouldn’t be nice if Brady could do some of those athletic things like Luck can, but I’m taking Brady at age 37 over Luck at 25 every day of the week.

Brady also touched on his former teammates Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett, who will be going at it this weekend:

"“It’s pretty cool. It speaks to their work ethic and what they’ve been able to accomplish. They both have overcome quite a bit in their careers. So it will be fun to see. We play at 8 o’clock, so I’m sure a lot guys on our team will be paying attention.”"

The Browns have been an amazing story this NFL season, and as much as I like Mallett, I’m going to be pulling for Hoyer and Cleveland on Sunday. The Browns not only have a legitimate shot at getting into the playoffs this year, but there is a good chance they will win their division.

Houston? Not so much.