Predicting How The New England Patriots Will Finish The 2014 Season

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VS Miami

The Dolphins’ pass rush is daunting, but after the shellacking they put on the Patriots in week one, you better believe Bill Belichick will have his group pumped up for this one. Nate Sodler and Sebastian Vollmer got embarrassed the last time they played, so I have a feeling they will be looking forward to getting some revenge on December 14th.

What I will be interested in seeing is the rematch of Darrelle Revis versus Mike Wallace. I wouldn’t say Wallace won last time, but it certainly wasn’t Revis’ best performance. I sense a shutout on ‘Revis Island’.

Ryan Tannehill is making strides, but his offense can’t compare to Brady’s juggernaut, especially when faced with the task of throwing against Revis and Browner. Rob Gronkowski and Tim Wright have huge games, combining for over 200 yards, and four touchdowns, as the Pats romp.

Pats win 38-17