New England Patriots’ Bye Week Viewing Guide: Dolphins And Bills Have Huge Games


There is no New England Patriots’ football today.

It’s okay, I’m freaking out too.

The Pats have been playing so well lately I don’t want to take a break from watching their magic for a weekend. But, this bye week is good for the team, so us fans will have to deal with it. There are a number of games that should catch the eye of Pats fans, so all hope is not lost. In my mind, here are the top games we should be checking in on today.

Dolphins vs. Lions

This game is absolutely huge. Not only for the AFC East, but for the entire NFL. The Lions are currently one of the best teams in the NFC, and the Dolphins are making a strong case as a top five AFC squad. Both of these two teams boast excellent defenses, and although their offenses aren’t on the Pats and Broncos level, they know how to score some points. Hopefully the return of Calvin Johnson will be enough to give Detroit the victory, because that would really help New England in their divisional race.

Chiefs vs. Bills

I could really just copy what I said above into this paragraph. The Bills are Chiefs are currently rolling, both relying on solid defenses, with offenses that are doing enough to win games. They are both 5-3, and both are hot on the tail of their respective division leaders. I don’t think Denver or New England will lose their divisional crown to either of the challengers, but I don’t like the race being this close. It would be nice for Jamaal Charles to go off for three or four touchdowns today.

49ers vs. Saints

This has nothing to do with the Patriots, but I believe this will be the best game of week 10. The Niners have been hearing the criticism, and the Saints have found their rhythm once again as they are winners of three of their last four. It seems like this will be a rout, but I have a feeling San Francisco will come out with a sense of urgency, and make this a fun game. If you want to enjoy some good quality football, be sure to tune into this one.

Broncos vs. Raiders

The chances of the winless Raiders beating an angry Denver team are very, very slim. But if they somehow were able to pull the upset of the year, that would be extremely helpful for the Patriots in the race for home-field advantage in the AFC. Perhaps Seyton Manning can wet the bed once again.