New England Patriots Quotes: Julian Edelman Says Tom Brady Is Still ‘One Of The Guys’


As a Pats fan, it has always been clear that Tom Brady is not your average star quarterback. Not only is he much more talented than pretty much every other quarterback ever, but he is a leader of men. He loves his teammates, and they love him back. That was made clear yesterday when Brady and Julian Edelman touched on the subject of Brady still being “one of the guys”.


"“I think for me, I always feel like I’m the same guy. I feel like I’m still the kid from Portola Drive. I know probably from the outside in it’s different, but from the inside out, it’s the same.”"

Edelman also had a funny exchange with Brady and the media when addressing this topic.

From Lee Schechter of ESPN Boston:

"“Does Tom feel like one of the guys even though he is a future Hall of Famer?” Edelman said, restating the question.Then Brady walked past the group of reporters, and Edelman said the question even louder to get Brady’s attention.“Does Tom … act like one of the guys?” Edelman said. “Oh hey!”Edelman and Brady talked back and forth like any two friends would. Then Edelman continued to answer the question.“He’s definitely one of the guys. I mean, he may be 20 years older than us,” Edelman said with Brady still listening. “He heard that.”“But, no, he’s one of my best friends. He’s a pleasure to be around and work with every day and hang out.”"

Edelman continued raving about Brady, further proving how awesome Brady is in the locker room:

"“Being in the same sentence, being as competitive as a guy like that and having that chip on your shoulder is an honor,” Edelman said. “He’s worked for everything he has got and he has taken advantage of every opportunity he has been given. And that is why he’s at where he’s at.“And when young guys see that, guys that went undrafted, guys that are seventh-round guys, sixth-round guys that aren’t supposed to make the team, when you are those kind of guys and you see that your leader is a guy who has had a lot of success in this league, it gives guys hope and it gives guys fight that ‘why can’t that be me?’”An example of Brady being “one of the guys” came when he ran from the bench down the sideline to celebrate Edelman’s 84-yard punt return for a touchdown against the Broncos.“He’s one of the guys regardless,” Edelman said. “But it’s awesome that he comes and celebrates with his teammates. That’s what leaders do and he is our leader.”"

This Patriots team is special. There is obviously a bond between these players that is stronger than normal NFL locker rooms. It has helped them overcome adversity early in the year after losing at Kansas City, and it helped get them through the loss of their best running back, and leader on defense two weeks later.

And it all starts with Tom Brady. Who at age 37 is still a young buck in a very tight locker room.