Darrelle Revis Feels Sorry For Those That Have To Cover Gronkowski


Rob Gronkowski is a beast.

Right now, I think Gronk has a legitimate case as the best weapon in the NFL. I would put him right up there with Antonio Brown, and assuming he is healthy, Calvin Johnson. Gronkowski has had a monstrous five weeks, capped off by an awesome performance against the Broncos, which was highlighted by a catch that Tom Brady called, “the greatest catch he had ever seen”.

On the other side of the ball, Darrelle Revis, the best cover corner in the game commented on Gronk’s amazing skill-set when the Pats met with the media.

(From ESPN Boston)

On defensive backs panicking when faced with the task of covering Gronk:

"“I wouldn’t blame them for panicking. The guy is 6-foot-7, he can run, he’s explosive. I mean, you put him in that category of Tony Gonzalez, they just have big bodies, hard to get around them, sometimes if you might break you might not know where the ball is going to be at, his wingspan, he will stick his hand in the air.“There’s so many variables, it’s just hard to cover a big receiver/tight end like that. You spread him out, he makes plays. You put him inside the core and put his hand in the dirt and he makes plays as well.”"

On what he would do if he had to cover the big man:

"“That’s over with, but I’m just giving a look. Coach told me to give him a look so I gave him a look. I have to keep [what I would do] to myself. I have to keep that in my bag.”"

Final thoughts on players that have to cover Gronkowski:

"“I feel sorry for them, I really do. Because Gronk is very tough to cover. I feel sorry.“And Gronk, he works hard at it. He works hard, he does what he needs to do as a professional football player to go out there and he’s an elite player.”“I’m happy to be on this side instead of the opposing team trying to execute or find a way to cover him,”"

Both of these players have been an integral part of New England’s success over the last five months, and keeping them healthy will be one of their top priorities as they head towards the postseason. The Patriots’ offense is not the same without Gronkowski terrorizing opponents, and that elite pass defense is predicated on Revis taking away different weapons on the opposing offense.

On a side note: How awesome would it be to see those two go at it for a few plays on the practice field?