Patrick Chung Emerging, Brandon Browner Wants To Energize Patriots Like Gronk


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Second time’s a charm for Patrick Chung

From Lee Schechter of ESPN Boston

"Head coach Bill Belichick discussed the team’s parting with Chung after the 2012 season.“I think [Chung] played pretty well for us in the time that he was here,” Belichick said during a conference call on Tuesday. “I think some of the circumstance of the ’12 season didn’t work out as well as we all hoped, for a combination of reasons. Pat and I talked about that last year after he was released from Philadelphia. Pat and I talked about that. We had a long conversation about a lot of things. I don’t think it was anybody’s fault. It was just one of those things that didn’t work out.”"

Brandon Browner Wants To Energize Pats’ Defense With Gronk-Like Passion

From Doug Kyed of NESN

"“I’m just trying to be that attitude. I’m just trying to spark a flame in the guys by the way I play, because I know that goes a long way,” Browner said Tuesday in the Patriots’ locker room. “Just like when I’m on the sideline, and I watch Gronk make a big play and he spikes the ball, I feel that energy. I’m just trying to be that guy on the defensive side of the ball.”"

Where the Patriots can tighten things up

From Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston

"1. Downing punts inside the 10. The Patriots had two chances to do so, and each time resulted in a touchback. Those are often “hidden yardage” in the field-position game that can decide a game when the season is on the line.2. Deep passing game. Receiver Brandon LaFell twice got behind the defense, flashing open to create the opportunity for a big play. But quarterback Tom Brady overshot him both times, which could have been a partial result of the wind. Brady had been on fire connecting in the deep third of the field entering the game, so this was a little bit of a step back.3. Running game. It was a day to pass, first and foremost, but the Patriots ended up being more one-dimensional than they probably desired. The good news is that the running game was committed to enough (25 carries, 66 yards) that play-action was still a viable option and effective when tapped. But there will come a time when the Patriots need to turn more to the running game, and there remains a question mark of sorts in that area from this viewpoint.4. Penalties still at all-time high under Bill Belichick. Continuing on their record pace under Belichick, the Patriots were flagged for nine accepted penalties. Of that total, three were avoidable with better focus — encroachment, false start and offsides on a kickoff.5. Dropped passes. LaFell (2) and running back Shane Vereen (1) couldn’t corral passes thrown in their direction."