Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Darrelle Revis React To New England Patriots’ Win Over Denver

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Nov 2, 2014; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) reacts after a touchdown pass to tight end Rob Gronkowski (87) (not pictured) against the Denver Broncos during the second half at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots defeated the Broncos 43-21. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

After the New England Patriots beat down the Denver Broncos on Sunday, a few players met with the media to discuss the win.

Here are the official transcripts: (And Brady’s)

Tom Brady

Q: Can you talk about Rob Gronkowski’s one-handed catch?

TB: Incredible. That was one of the best catches I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t get any better than that. I wish they’d have given him the touchdown. Then we came back on the next play – it was a little bit easier the next one, but that was unbelievable.

Q: Did you want to go right back to him, knowing that he got you down that far?

TB: Yeah, I mean it was a – yeah, we had a chance to get him in a good matchup. He made an incredible catch and I mean, I’ve never seen anything like that.

Q: On the touchdown after that where you had Von Miller on him – last week you saw a linebacker on him and you threw the fade route to him. Was it the positioning when he ran the slant or was that the call?

TB: I think we had a couple options out there. Like anything, whatever they’re trying to take away, you’re going to try to do something opposite and you just need good execution. I thought we did some good things. I thought we left a lot of points out there. It was a great win, but we’ll be back at work tomorrow trying to figure out how to get better going into the bye week and to try to make some improvements because we’ve got a tough stretch coming up.

Q: There’s a perception that you don’t always have the best weapons. Can you talk about the weapons you do have and how you use them and how you like them?

TB: It’s a great group of guys that just really work hard and come in every day and try to get better. The receivers just work their butts off and they’ve really come together and found roles for themselves. The tight end group and the way Gronk has come back and Tim Wright has found a role and Hooman [Michael Hoomanawanui] and his role. The tailbacks, James Develin – throwing it to him – and then Shane [Vereen] and Jonas [Gray], when Rid [Stevan Ridley] was in there – I mean, we miss him. It’s always hard to lose a guy like that but Shane’s done a great job for us and Jonas and Brandon Bolden. We’re just, I think, a bunch of grinders and we try to come in every day and put the work in and do what our coach asked us to do and hopefully it keeps paying off.

Q: Do you get more kicks out of watching Gronk catch the ball or Edelman?

TB: They’re both pretty spectacular in their own ways. Gronk’s just a tough matchup for everybody. And then Minitron [Edelman], he can do all the different things – he’s so quick, and what he did on the punt return was just incredible. And then he comes out there at receiver and makes a bunch of plays. It was a great team win. I thought everybody in all three phases really helped us achieve our goal. It was a great win.

Q: You guys are averaging 40 points a game the last five weeks. Is that your new normal?

TB: No, I think we’ve had a lot of help from defense and special teams and they’ve made a bunch of plays. We’ve got to keep going. Coach said after the game that seven wins doesn’t get you anything and that’s true. I think we’ve got to keep the pedal to the metal and get back to work and take some time to figure out the things we need to do better over the next week and then get ready to go to Indy because that will be here pretty quick.

Q: What has been the constant in terms of building blocks to get where you are now from where you were after the first few games? Obviously you have a long way to go.

TB: Yeah, we’ve got a lot of work to do. It just turned November and you see that the weather is going to play a part in every game. We had snow earlier today. I didn’t know what type of game we were going to play and it ended up being a good day. It was a little bit windy out there. I think you’ve just got to believe in what you’re doing, believe what you’re doing is the right thing, and if doesn’t happen in the first three weeks of the season, you’ve just got to believe in it and keep working hard at it. I think guys really have believed in what Coach is talking about and I think we’ve believed in one another and it’s gotten us to a good point. There’s no reason to change now; we haven’t changed much in 14 years, 15 years since I’ve been here. I think we’re just going to stay at it, keep trying to make improvements, hope our best football is ahead of us. We’ve got a tough one on the road that we’re going to have to work hard for. I’m glad we’ve got two weeks to prepare. That will be a great game.

Q: Do you use this as a measuring stick, since leading up to the game every player in the locker room was saying Denver was the best team in the league?

TB: They are. They’re a great team. I think they challenge you in a lot of ways. I’m happy we got the win. I thought offensively we did a lot of good things. I think there are things we could do a lot better. It was one win. They all count the same in the end. They’ll have a great record at the end of the year – we know that. Hopefully we do too.

Q: You’ve been on a lot of great offensive teams here. What are you starting to see on this team that you’ve seen in years past that lead you to believe good things are ahead?

TB: I think we’re just, like I said, a bunch of hardworking guys that want to go out there and try to make improvements. Coach always figures out a way to challenge us, whether it’s blocking, the run game, our space in the pass game. There’s no magic trick; you’ve just got to believe in what you’re doing and put the work in and go out and try to execute against good teams. And this team challenged us. They’ve got a lot of good players, a lot of good rushers, cover guys, a lot of good scheme stuff. We’re going to have to tighten some things up here going into Indy in a couple weeks.

Q: What did they explain to you about the stoppage of play when you were running guys on and off the field on fourth-and-one when you were trying to go for it? It seems like he put his hand on you and said hold up.

TB: Yeah he said ‘You’ve got to wait for them to substitute’ and they were substituted. So I said ‘We waited. They had them all out there,’ but he was just holding it. I don’t know what the rule is on that, but I’m sure Coach Belichick will figure it out.

Q: What was your reaction when you saw Rob Gronkowski’s one-handed catch?

TB: It was unbelievable. That was just an incredible play. He’s an incredible player. Everything that he does, he’s been making incredible catches since he got to our team. It was just a spectacular play from a great player. When he’s going it’s hard to match up with him because he makes plays like that. It’s just pretty spectacular.

Q: Was the next play a reward for that catch?

TB: I don’t know. I think we always try to go for the easy ones and Gronk ran a great route there on the goal line and it ended up being an easy throw and catch, but getting us down there was the important part and he got there to the one-yard line and made an easy play on the next one.

Q: After the Kansas City game – you’ve always said you played with a chip in your shoulder – did you have the mindset to really kick it into a new gear?

TB: I think our team is playing better. I think we’ve executed better. We’ve figured out some of the things we’re good at. Our defense has been playing better. Everybody’s been playing better. It’s a team sport. At the end of the day one person can’t do it alone. I’ve been a part of so many great teams – a lot of those guys were there at halftime tonight and I didn’t get to see them – but I’ve been very privileged to play with great players and teammates that really work their butts off for each other. That’s why you string together five wins in a row like we’ve done – it’s a lot of guys working hard who believe in each other, have confidence in each other and then when you get your one day a week to go out there, you go out there and you let it rip. I thought the guys try to do a great job of that.

Q: You guys have a great winning percentage obviously, but in this kind of weather it might be even better. Why is that?

TB: That’s a good question. We practice in the elements. As you guys know when you’re out there following us, we’re not in the bubble very often. I think we’ve had like one practice in there all year. I think we just get used to playing in the cold and the wind. Our stadium has a pretty consistent wind to it. A guy like Stephen Gostkowski, who’s one of the best kickers in the league, to kick in these conditions is pretty tough. You’re right, we never know what the forecast will be, and Coach says ‘Just dress for it and we’ll deal with it.’ Whether that’s spring camps or whether that’s during the season, you just get accustomed to playing in it. You have a little mental toughness and put the elements out of your head and go out there and try to do the best you can do.

Q: How has Gronkowski improved in other aspects of the game because he seems like a pretty complete receiver?

TB: He’s doing a great job. I think he really understands the game more, obviously, and that’s what you get with experience. He’s a great route runner. He’s got great quickness, speed. His catch radius, like Zo [Patriots radio broadcaster Scott Zolak] said, it’s incredible. He’s just got all the tools and he’s got a great attitude. I love playing with him. Hopefully he goes down as one of the best tight ends to ever play.

Q: This game is going to have a whole new round of Brady-Manning talk. At the end of the day, does it ever amuse you?

TB: I think it’s just a topic for people to talk about. It’s hard to compare anybody – that’s how I always feel. I’ve been lucky enough to play here. He’s had an incredible career. Football has changed since I got in the league. He’s always set a really high bar for how to play. I’ve tried to do the same through my efforts with my team. You know, the only thing I really care about is the respect of my teammates and trying to go out there every day and earn it. There are a lot of things that I can’t control – things like that, things that may happen on a daily basis. You’ve just got to try to figure out the things you can control and work hard at them and earn it every day. There’s nothing that’s given to you in this league. Peyton understands that. I’ve known him long enough. Like I said, that team is going to have a great record at the end of the year.