Tom Brady, Danny Amendola, Chris Jones React To New England Patriots’ Win

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Oct 16, 2014; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis (24) and strong safety Patrick Chung (23) celebrate after the New York Jets missed a two-point conversion during the second half at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Rob Ninkovich

(On Chris Jones)
“He stepped up and he made up for that last year’s field goal. I think he went out there, he played well, and he got the block. It was a good way to finish the game.”

(On Chris Ivory)
“The guy’s a big, strong, tough back to bring down. We don’t make excuses here. Give them the credit. They played well. They had a good game plan. They were able to control the game a little bit by holding on to the ball, slow methodical drive with the running game and throwing some passes in there. Again, we’ve just got to work better on those little things and enjoy the win.”

(On Geno Smith extending plays outside the pocket)
“The guy is talented as far as scrambling ability. We knew that. He’s quick, he’s athletic, and he can get out of the pocket, which as a defensive end, that’s a hard part to deal with when you’re trying to get pressure on a quarterback that can either get up in the pocket or run out of the back of the pocket, and you’ve got a 310-pound guy in front of you that’s trying to hold on to you. There were definitely some times he got out, which you don’t want to have as a defensive end. But I think coming in we had a game plan to try to get some pressure on him and make him uncomfortable.”

Darrelle Revis

(On being a part of this rivalry on the other side)
“The only thing to focus about is us getting this win today. It was a tough game for us, and it came down to the end. Good teams win these tough games like this. We stuck in there as a team and we fought strong today.”

(On the rivalry bringing out the best in both teams)
“Yeah, that’s what rivalries are. It doesn’t really matter what the record may be for any team. This is a historical rivalry. It’s been going on for years and years, and it’ll probably continue to keep on being a rivalry. You just never know what you’re going to get in these types of games, and they’re always tough.”

(On what it’s like to see both sides of the rivalry)
“It’s just football to me. It doesn’t make a difference. An away game is an away game, and a home game is a home game with a rivalry. It doesn’t matter where you play, same thing.”

(On if this game was more personal)
“No. A win is a win. I’m excited for this team. We’re 5-2. The main goal for us was to win this game and be first in the conference, and we accomplished that as a team.”

Shane Vereen

(On his thoughts on the game)
“New York is a good team and that’s why it was close. We had to battle to the finish. We knew were going to have to play 60 minutes and luckily we did.”

(On his first touchdown catch)
“I just didn’t want that opportunity to slip by. Those are the type of breakdowns that we look for as an offense and we were able to connect.”

(On Stevan Ridley’s injury)
“When a brother goes down, it takes a toll on everybody, especially the running back corps [because] we’re so tight, so I just tried to play for him. I think as a whole offense, we needed to step up. You can’t replace Stevan. He’s a great player, a great runner, a great running back. I learned a lot from him and so everyone needs to step up and do their part.”

(On coming off a short week)
“Mentally it wasn’t too bad. It was a lot in a couple days. Physically we were able to rest and get ready to go. They had the same schedule we did, so it was pretty even.”

Vince Wilfork

(On tonight’s effort)
“It took more than 100 percent effort tonight. We fought. It was a classic AFC game, Jets-Patriots. We knew it was going to be a grind; they knew it was going to be a grind. It’s just one of those things. Records didn’t matter; tonight it was all about playing football. Both teams gave it their all. We made a play when we needed the play at the end of the ball game. You are talking about all the way down to five seconds left in a ballgame and coming up with a play that really won the game for us with a blocked field goal. [We’re] playing well in situations, but there are some things that we can definitely do better. At the same time you can’t complain about a win, especially in the division. You can’t complain about those wins, so we are very proud to have them so let’s get that straight, but there are some things we have to do a lot better moving forward. A win is a win, I’m not going to discredit us from coming out and taking this win and having some guys come in and play some different spots that they normally don’t play or had little time to get adjusted to it with a short week and stuff, so I’m proud of this team, we fought the whole game. There were some good moments, some bad moments, and it was just up and down the whole game from their end to my end. Like I said, just a classic AFC East battle tonight and we happened to make the play when we needed it, so big play by Chris [Jones].”

(On playing without Jerod Mayo)
“Playing is playing. My play doesn’t change, it’s just making sure that we are on the same page and sometimes we were and sometimes we weren’t. Sometimes we tackled well, sometimes we didn’t. So, we’re going to go back and look at the film and see what the things that we did to give up over 200 yards rushing again. If I had to guess it would be a lot of missed tackles and out of position plays and one or two guys might not be where they needed to be. Things that are fixable but to be a good defense you got to be able to do those things constantly. I think we’ve made improvements, but we knew this team wanted to run the football and they ran the ball basically the whole game. You run the ball 30 or 40 times, you are going to have a little success, but at the same time there was probably some four-yarders, five-yarders, but at the same time we tackled for loss so it was some give and take but at the same time I’m very stingy when it comes down to the rush defense. That’s the one thing that I’m disappointed in [the run defense]. We will fix it, we always do and hopefully we can get this thing rolling consistently.”

(On the short week)
“It’ll feel good to get your body a chance to rest a little bit and take care of a few bruises and stuff like that. At the same time I think the coaching staff did a real good job with us of understanding that we were on the road a lot with short weeks and this and that. They’ve done a real good job with us but these days coming up we can really take advantage of with the extra study time at home, being off our feet and enjoying time with the families and stuff. We have to take advantage of it and do the right things and that’s taking care of your body and enjoying the time down at the same time while understanding we still have a season to play. I’m looking forward to it and like I said I’m very proud of this team the way we fought.”