Tom Brady, Danny Amendola, Chris Jones React To New England Patriots’ Win

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Oct 16, 2014; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola (80) catches the ball for a touchdown against New York Jets cornerback Antonio Allen (39) during the second half at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Danny Amendola

(On returning kicks)
“For me it was just trying to get involved in the game and just try to do as much as I can to create a spark and get involved in the offense. It was fun.”

(On the win)
“It was a good night for our whole team. We came out with a win. I almost had a heart attack at the end, but the defense came up huge with the stop and the blocked field goal. So, it was a good overall win for us.”

(On if he turned completely around on his touchdown catch)
“I got enough around, that’s for sure.”

(On if it was satisfying to have a strong performance)
“We came out on top and that’s what I’m most excited about. I’ve caught a lot of balls in a game and lost. I’ve caught a lot of balls in a game and won. I’ve caught zero balls in a game and won and zero balls in a game and lost. No matter what, to come out on top is most important. That’s when everybody is happiest and that’s when we grow as a team. We’re all excited. Good win for us.”

Brandon Browner

(On how the defense was able to limit the Jets’ passing game)
“We’re pretty good in the passing game, but we got to fix some things in the running game. Giving up yards like that will cost us in crucial situations. We’ve got to look at the film and make these corrections.”

(On playing his first regular season game as a Patriot and the rivalry with the Jets)
“It was fun. It was actually fun. I was fortunate to be out there to play. Last week I had an ankle injury, so I’m just happy to be out there playing football.”

(On how he felt out on the field)
“I felt a little rusty. I felt like I could play better. In the first half I felt like I was pretty tired out there. I can only get better from here. We’ll look at the film and critique myself and only get better from here.”

(On the penalties called against him in the secondary)
“To be honest, I have to see it because I don’t think I held him on the first one and I don’t think I pushed him on the second one. He fell down and I’ve got to look at it on film. I will probably have a better answer for you after I check it out on film.”

(On if there were any surprises on the field in his return to game action)
“No surprises, but I was kind of tired out there, you know, I’ve got to work on my conditioning.”

Jordan Devey

(On if he took exception to Jets nose tackle T.J. Barnes pushing quarterback Tom Brady near the sidelines)
“I don’t really remember, I’m going to have to watch the tape on that one. All I saw was Tom down, so I was trying to help him out.”

(On the improvement of the offensive line over the last couple of games)
“Just hard work. Everyone is working hard, trying to get better, trying to do their job better. I just think we are all on the same page. We’ve got to get better and we’re doing everything we can to do that.”

(On the role offensive lineman Dan Connolly has played in the improvement of the offensive line)
“He’s a leader. He’s a veteran. He’s been around the game for awhile. He’s just a leader on the offensive line and talks to us and helps us out. He’s been a great role model for all of us, especially me.”

(On how much he has improved over the course of the season)
“I’m still improving. Still improving and still trying to guard. It’s a long a season, as they say, so just take advantage of the practices. Take advantage of every rep we get.”

Rob Gronkowski

(On if you felt bad for all the adversity Danny Amendola has faced)
“Definitely, but I always told him, he was going to come through, and he just has to keep working hard and stay humble and just keep rolling, keep grinding, and that’s what he does every week. He doesn’t say a word and keeps grinding, and I’m very happy for him to see him make some plays out there – very awesome.”

(On if he knew Danny Amendola was a successful kickoff returner for the St. Louis Rams)
“I didn’t really know that, but I saw him tonight and he was very good. He was running full speed through those holes, so he was doing a great job, so props to him.”

(On if the Patriots should have pulled away from the Jets)
“We got the win, that’s all that matters. They’re a good team and they got solid players and they play hard and we came away with the victory against the Jets, so it’s always great beating them, in our division especially, and it was great to come out with the victory no matter what it takes and we got the ‘W.’”

(On the play of running back Shane Vereen)
“It’s huge. He’s a great player and always working hard, always doing the right thing, so we always know he’s capable of making huge plays, and he made a couple big catches, two [touchdowns], and he’s very capable of going out there and being a dangerous weapon.”

Chris Jones

(On his overall thoughts on the game)
“Honestly it’s just good to get a win. Obviously it’s always good to beat a division rival. The Jets gave us their best and we’re just glad to come out with the win.”

(On his penalty last year in a similar situation vs. this year)
“A few people have told me about it, so I’ve had a chance to think about it. It feels good. Like I said, that was last year and it’s just good to get a win this year. I think it really became a reality when coach Joe Judge came up and told me. I felt it then.”

(On his blocked kick)
“I was just trying to get as deep in the pocket as I can and get up and get my hands on it. God willing, I blocked it and that’s what happened. [Jets Kicker Nick Folk] was 50 [yards away] as far as distance, so I knew it was going to be a line drive. Like I said, I was just trying to get as deep and as high as I can. [The Jets Special Team] was pretty stout. I think it was just coming down to will at the end. We just had to see who could get the most push in the front and we ended up getting it. We just tried to rush them and get middle penetration. Obviously you have to throw your all-out block on when you’re in that situation and have the possibility of winning the game, so we have to do all that we can to block the kick.”

Devin McCourty

(On if the Jets’ running success was a result of Jerod Mayo’s absence)
“We’ll watch it on film and after every game there’s always going to be something you can say, ‘You know it would have been better with Mayo there.’ I mean he’s one of our best players, so I think we’ll just have to watch the film and see what we can do and now focus on the guys that are out there and I’m sure, like you said, it’s not just one guy that’s being gone that hurt us in the run game. We’ll see what we got to do to fix some things – by the way they ran it today – I’m sure we’ll see some of those same plays going forward.”

(On the busy schedule over the last few weeks)
“We’re ready for a little break and I think what better way to go into a break, win in Sunday versus Buffalo [Bills] and then coming back and winning Thursday. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t easy, but coming into this week, we all talked about after that Buffalo win it was all about going to Buffalo and getting a win and turning the page fast and coming and getting another win, so we can go into this long weekend and be happy and be excited. It stinks going into a bye week, a long week, with a loss, so It’s good to get a win, and like I said, it’s always better to fix corrections with a win than a loss.”

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