Tom Brady, Brian Tyms, Rob Gronkowski React To New England Patriots’ Win

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Oct 12, 2014; Orchard Park, NY, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) walks off the field after a victory against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium. New England beats Buffalo 37 to 22. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

After the New England Patriots beat the Bills yesterday, a number of players spoke with the media about the big win.

Here is the official transcript: (And Brady’s)

Tom Brady

Q: Josh (McDaniels) having confidence to put it in your hands and go empty, come off firm, when most teams run the ball and kick it away in that situation…

A: Yeah, we were aggressive I think all today, so it was awesome. It was fun to be out there, great team win. Lot of our guys can make a lot of big plays, and that’s what we are going to need to move forward. It’s still early in the year, but it’s a tough road win. We knew it would be 60 minutes and the guys played their butts off.

Q: How impressive was your offensive line?

A: They did a great job. Those guys, I say all the time, lots of confidence and they pay with a lot of heart. I think the key was really getting ahead and trying to stay ahead. So, when you can get ahead and then you can run it, play action, throw it quick, hold on to it, and I think that’s the way we play pro football. Coach and I talked about one time we scored first 23 straight games or something like that. So, we got to get ahead and we have to stay ahead and like I said a lot of guys made a lot of big plays.

Q: When you see a player like Jerod (Mayo) injured, how would you proceed without a little bit of fatalistic criticism?

A: Well I think you have to rely on other guys that you have in the locker room that you have confidence in. You build your trust in each other by going out there in practice and you lose someone, like you said, every team losing certain players every year, it’s hard to do, guys have to rally around the guy who steps in there and tries to do a great job. You know, it’s unfortunate.

Q: He makes an impact on the team not just defensively but all the way through…

A: Absolutely, I mean guys like that Jerod (Mayo), we lost Vince (Wilfork) last year and you know we lost a lot of really key important players. We’ve just got to keep fighting on and there is a lot of football to play and guys have played great football for us and they give everything they can to our team and it’s tough to lose them.

Q: When you lose guys like that, how do you make sure a temporary loss of energy doesn’t spiral out of control?

A: I just think when the games going, you have to think about your job and what you have to do. The defensive guys have to obviously adjust a lot more than offensive guys, but we still got to go out there and do our thing. I’ve got to throw it and read my keys and got to block and run and tackle and those guys on defense have to make the adjustments. Someone just has to step in and fill a hole.

Q: How much do you like that situation?

A: Yeah, it was a great opportunity. I think we talked about that at half time too. We said, ‘look this is what we asked for.’ We will see what we are made off, we go on the road, in the division, and games don’t get any bigger than that. We made a good play there before halftime; we stripped the ball. We made a good situational play getting a few extra yards before we kicked the field goal and great momentum going in at the half. So we had a six point lead and then capitalized with the drive to come out and play pretty well in the second half. It was a great complimentary win; it was great for all of us to put together a good half of football.

Q: That last drive they were right back in it…

A: Yeah, they made a great drive to get down there on the field, they hit the two point conversion to make it a one score game and then we had to answer.

Q: Was there any thought of let’s run it three times and see what happens?

A: I don’t know if in Josh’s (McDaniels) mind he was thinking about that. He was regressed with his touchdown. That’s what it’s got to be, whatever it takes. I think that’s what it comes down to, you’ve got to go with what you’re doing well, we’re moving the ball and throwing it pretty good.

Q: Do things seem back to pretty normal at this point?

A: I think that a lot of guys are making plays out there. Brandon (LaFell) made some big plays, Julian (Edelman) made some big plays, and Brian (Tyms) made some big plays, getting contributions in the running game, Shane (Vereen) making plays. Whoever’s numbers getting called, that’s what good offenses are. Whoever is out there has to produce and guys are playing big roles and we are trying to find things that work. We are six games in to the year, we are a long way from the team we are going to be here in a couple months, but it was good to come on the road and grind it out and get a tough win.

Q: Can you pinpoint why this team has had such lengthy success against the Bills?

A: I’m not sure, really, historically I think you just think about a day like this we had a great game and I think guys played really well. They have a lot of good players, and a lot of respect for this team. They play hard every time we play them and I think we just came out on the winning end. It’s good to be on the winning end.

Q: Maybe just coincidence, 23-2 for you, 25-7 for the team…

A: Like I said, I’ve got a lot of respect for them and they played their butts off. There have been a lot of times where they’ve had us down, almost out, and we found a way to win but today it was a close game and I think we made a lot of critical plays when we needed to. It feels good to win, feels good to go on the road and win and we haven’t done a lot of that lately.

Q: Do you like to play in this stadium?

A: It’s a great stadium. It’s an old stadium, in there it was pretty tight. It was probably half the size when I first started, but actually blew out a wall and made it a lot bigger. Yeah, it’s a great stadium, the fans are into it and they can get it going, but fortunately we made a lot of plays to kind of slow them down and made some big plays there at the end.

Q: Talk a bit about the throw you made to Brian (Tyms) early in third quarter and how much momentum that sparked the offense?

A: That was a good play. Brian found a way to kind of slither his way through there and get behind him, and I threw it up and gave him a chance to make the play, like he has continued to do, he goes up and makes them. That was a big play for our team. We’re going to need a lot of big plays here in the next couple months of football and whoever is out there has to be able to contribute.

Q: When you look at Rob (Gronkowski) the last two games, everything seem right with him and the two of you?

A: Oh yeah. He’s a great player. He’s playing great and that’s great for a quarterback. I got a lot of confidence in him and I love playing with that guy. It’s great to be out there with him.

Q: How much an impact does he have on you and everybody else on the field?

A: Well, he is a great option out there. So, if they don’t cover him he usually gets it and if they put extra guys on him then it frees everybody else up. He’s tough to stop, I mean you put a safety on him he has size, you put a line backer on him he’s got speed; he’s been that way since he’s been in the NFL. He has a lot of touchdowns and he’s playing with confidence. The kind of enthusiasm and energy he brings is awesome. It just adds to what Julian (Edelman) does, and Shane (Vereen) does, and Brandon (LaFell) does and Danny (Amendola) and the rest of the crew; gives everybody a lot of confidence.