Patriots vs Bills-Match-ups, Predictions and Thoughts


Thank God I was wrong about my predictions last week. I know I said the Patriots would basically get blown out by the Bengals, and look what happened. So, while our hopes are still high, the Patriots travel to Buffalo to take on the Bills in what should be a mostly defensive game.


The Kyle Orton-led Bills won against the Lions last week after their then Kicker Alex Henery missed 3 field goals for Detroit. The Lions should have won that game, but Henery’s choking literally cost them the game. I don’t think the Bills will be as lucky this week against angry Tom Brady.

The biggest match-up will be the uncertain, yet completely capable Bills front 7. The defensive line up in Buffalo can be very disruptive at times, so let’s see if the Patriots have finally found the starting line up they will be using going forwards or if the Bengals just under achieved last week.


Brandon Browner is finally back…well he was technically back last week but didn’t play. I assume it’s because he didn’t have the chance to practice or game plan. So, we should see at least some of him this week. The Bills have one receiver, Sammy Watkins, and I expect Revis Island to be all over him. The Patriots have finally switched from playing him in zone, so expect to see Revis shadowing Watkins.

The Bills have a great running game; CJ Spiller is really dangerous both in the run and return game and Fred Jackson can also do some pretty great things. If the Patriots defense can shut them down, they should win the game pretty handedly. I don’t expect Kyle Orton to but up much of a fight, especially if the defense plays like they did last week. There is a reason Orton is now playing for his 4th team, he chokes. If the run game doesn’t put him in 3rd and 4 or less, I don’t see him leading the charge against Revis, Browner and the like.


The main thing I’m worried about are the penalties that the defense will get for being so aggressive. Penalties were literally the reason the Bengals stayed in the game at all last week, and Revis getting hurt for like 2 plays. Brandon Browner is a banger. He’ll get his share of penalties for being really physical with the receivers, which will probably lead to some level of points. I don’t see him getting burned but I do see 15 yard personal fowls being thrown his way for throwing the Bills receivers around like dolls. To some extent I’m fine with that. While it will give the Bills yards, it will also set the tempo of the game that he is there to lay people out.

I also hope to see angry Tom Brady for the rest of the season. You could see how tired he was of people saying he was washed up and that Belichick lost his mind. I love Tom Brady, so I hope to see him step on the jugular of every opponent and naysayer that crosses his path. A fired up Tom Brady is a dangerous Tom Brady. When he’s out for blood the Patriots offense looks like the offense we’ve come to love, the run it down your throat and run up the scoreboard kind of offense, let’s hope we see it a lot more.

Final Score