New England Patriots Stock Watch: Brandon LaFell Up, Everybody Else Down


The New England Patriots played a pretty bad game last night, and in this week’s stock watch, there weren’t many players that received a lot of praise.


Brandon LaFell

LaFell was the only guy that showed up on offense for the Pats, and it may pay off in the future, because New England needs someone else that Tom Brady trusts. LaFell reeled in six catches for 119 yards, and a touchdown yesterday, and he put his explosive speed on display a few times throughout the game.

Matthew Slater

Slater is hands down the best special-teams player the NFL has to offer, and he continued to prove that last night.


Tom Brady

The offensive line struggled once again, but Brady made more than a few crucial mistakes that badly hurt the Patriots. He frequently missed open targets, he rushed his decision-making, and two big interceptions in the second half sealed the Pats’ fate. Brady was visibly frustrated in this one, and he has to try and turn it around in time for this week’s game against the Bengals.

Nate Solder

Solder got benched late in the game, and based on his play through four games, it might be a change that continues into next week. Solder gave up a huge strip-sack to Tamba Hali in the third quarter, as he flat-out whiffed on his blind side block.


The Patriots were out-schemed, and out-executed by Kansas City’s staff, and it was the biggest reason why New England lost this game. On defense, instead of playing aggressive like their personnel calls for, they were soft, and tentative, which resulted in a huge day for the Chiefs’ offense.

Tavon Wilson

Wilson is a very bad football player. He will be gone shortly.

Shane Vereen

Vereen far too often thought about what he was going to do with the ball too much, which cost the Pats a few first downs in the first half. Vereen is explosive in the open field, but only when he is decisive, and decides immediately what to do.