New England Patriots Fans, What Do We Watch?


The New England Patriots do not play today.


I know this may sound like the end of the world, but I am here to assure you, we will get through this. There are a number of games that Patriots fans should tune into, as they have implications regarding our beloved team.

Jets vs. Lions

First of all, we hate the Jets, and we enjoy watching them get destroyed. Matthew Stafford is going to light up Rex Ryan’s defense, and I think we will all like that. Not only that, but if the Jets lose, they will drop to 1-3, and if the Pats earn a victory on Monday, they will be a full two games ahead of their division rivals.

Colts vs. Titans

Andrew Luck is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, and there is a very good chance the Patriots will cross paths with his team in the 2014 playoffs. Luck leads a very potent offense, so take a look at how you think they would match up with this revamped New England secondary.

Texans vs. Bills

Buffalo is tied atop the division with the Pats, so if they fall to Houston, and New England wins, our boys will be alone at the top of the AFC East. Of course, it will also be entertaining to see J.J. Watt give E.J. Manuel a lick or two.

Chargers vs. Jaguars

Of all the teams in the AFC, the Chargers scare me the most. They can control the clock, they can burn you through the air, and their defense is much improved from last year. Whenever a team plays the Jaguars they will look pretty good, so watching San Diego when they are blowing out Jacksonville will give us a fun look at their squad.

Raiders vs. Dolphins

Obviously watching how a fellow AFC East team fares is always important, but I am interested to see how the Raiders look against Miami after they nearly upset New England. I am hoping they give the Dolphins a good game, not only so they can knock Miami further down in the standings, but also to make the Pats look better after they struggled with Oakland last week.

And, of course, this is also a day to just enjoy all of the games, and root for all of your fantasy football players.

(Phillip Rivers, I’m looking at you)