Patriots May Not Be As Good As We Hoped


Another week, another win…sort of. The Patriots fell into a win over the Raiders thanks to the sure hands of Vince Wilfork. While winning is good and all,  the Patriots appear to be in for a world of trouble.

The offense can’t do anything. Outside of Gronk and Edelman, the Patriots have no receivers, at all. No one wants to get open and no one wants the ball. Danny Amendola and Brandon LaFell aren’t worth their roster spots, let alone their contracts. Both of them have been underachieving since they joined the team. The minute Amendola doesn’t create a huge cap hit for being cut, he should be. He is pathetic. In the last 4 games, stemming back to the AFC Championship game, Amendola has 3 catches for 16 yards. He’s been shut out in all but 1 game this year. He’s not worth anything. Anyone they pull off the street can contribute more than that. Austin Collie did more last year than Amendola and he wasn’t worth a thing to anyone.

LaFell has been good for one thing this year, penalties. It seems like every week he gets an offensive pass interference call. He only has 4 catches for 46 yards in 3 games with the Patriots. What is that crap? He was supposed to be a big addition to the team, but here he is being more of a hindrance than an aid.

Trading Mankins was a terrible decision. Tim Wright and a 4th isn’t worth the anchor of your offensive line. Without him the line is terrible. How can a team get down to Oakland’s 2 multiple times and not get in the end zone? It doesn’t make sense. Get the ball in the end zone if you want to compete with the teams in this league. Ridley should have more 2 rushing TDs than what he has.

The entire offense is stagnant. They get a good play and it’s called back. They get in manageable distances and a penalty pushes them back more. They are playing the most undisciplined football I have ever seen them play. Penalties are killing them. Brady can’t dig them out of the hole every time when both Gronk and Edleman are being double teamed on every passing down since no one else seems to want the ball.

The only bright spot I see is the defense. They are playing some lights out football, but everyone knew they’d be better on defense.

I’m not so sure about this season everybody, unless the offense all of a sudden gets their heads together, they might be lucky to finish 10-6.