Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, Vince Wilfork React To New England Patriots’ Win Over Raiders

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Sep 21, 2014; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman (11) runs onto the field before the game against the Oakland Raiders at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Arrington

(On the defense’s performance in Sunday’s win)
“Credit to our guys for staying together and grinding out a tough one. Any win you come by in this league is a good one.”

(On the Raiders’ game plan on Sunday)
“[The Raiders] had a great game plan trying to control the game and not have us run away with it. It was competitive going into the fourth [quarter]. So that was a good game plan on their part, getting the ball out quick, making some good decisions. We got hit with a few runs; I think overall we did a decent job in the run game. Overall we could be better, whether it’s run defense, pass defense, you name it. So we’ll come back and look at the film and see if we can make corrections.”

(On defending the Raiders’ final drive)
“…It was one of those games where the focus was on us [the defense]. On the last drive, we were telling ourselves, ‘It’s going to come down to us. Somebody’s got to make a play. Somebody is going to make a play.’ And fortunately, that was the case.”

Jordan Devey

(On leaving the game in the fourth quarter)
“When I’m in, I’m in, when I’m not, I’m not and we have a role – each of us, if I’m in, I know what my role is and if I’m out, I know what my role is. I was ready to go back in whenever they needed me.”

(On how the offensive line played)
“Today, we really haven’t talked about it. We feel like we’re improving and we’re definitely going out and practicing really hard. I feel like we’re improving and I still feel like, from my point of view, personally, I still have a lot of improving to do.”

(On if the offensive line will continue to go through changes)
“I don’t really know. I feel like we’re all trying to do the best we can and work together. Whoever is in there – we’re five guys and we got to do the best we can, us five, whoever is in there.”

Julian Edelman

(On if this was a whatever-it takes kind of win)
“Yeah, sometimes you’ve got to grind them out. Our defense picked us up today and made a stop at the end, and we got the win. A pretty loss is [worse] than an ugly win. You know how it goes.”

(On the struggle of the offense to get in rhythm)
“I don’t know. We’re going to have to go watch the film, take a look at stuff. Everyone has got to improve. I’ve got to improve – blocking, [I] dropped a ball. I’ve got to block better in the run game. We’ve got to run better routes. We’ve just got to get better. If we get better every week, that’s your goal. We’re going to have a tough one ahead of us with Monday Night Football against Kansas City. We’ve got to evaluate this tape, take away the good, learn from the bad, and improve.”

(On if there is frustration at the lack of touchdowns in the red zone)
“This game comes down to three things: ball security, third downs and the red area. And we have to get better at the red area for sure. I don’t know what we were on third down, but we took care of the ball, the defense played a hell of game, [Matthew] Slater made a big play on special teams to change the field position. We definitely have to improve this week in the red area, just like everyone does. You’re never satisfied with how you do.”

(On how he would rate his chemistry with Tom Brady)
“Not good enough; 16 points. Everyone has to get better. There were a couple plays where we weren’t on the same page, and we have to have better chemistry, so there you go.”

Cameron Fleming

(On if the Patriots are using unbalanced line formations to compensate for communication issues)
“I don’t think it’s compensating for anything. We’ve got a great five linemen out there. I’m just happy to go out there and add to it and get a little bit of playing time.”

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