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The Pats have added three players to their practice squad.

Bill Beliehick really had some high praise for safety Nate Ebner, who saw a bit of action on Sunday: (via ESPN Boston)

"“I would probably put him in the, not the all-time top, but maybe in the top 5 percent all-time of players that I’ve coached from where they were in college to how they grew in the NFL. Nate had almost no defensive experience at Ohio State. He’s adapted in a relatively short amount of time — going into his third year so it’s really two-plus years — adapted very well to the knowledge of our defense, to the understanding of opponents’ offenses, to instinctiveness and reading and recognition at a position that he plays right in the middle of the field, which is among the most difficult — inside linebacker and safety, where the volume and the number of things that can happen are the greatest, where you have to really see everybody on the field, all 11 guys. His development has really been outstanding.”"

Former Patriots linebacker Teddy Bruschi addressed the Adrian Peterson story:

"“I’ve read what you’ve read, guys. The 14 to 15 strikes to a 4-year-old boy. A 4-year-old boy, fellas — the size of a 4-year-old child compared to the size of Adrian Peterson and the strikes with a stick, with a switch, with a whip, whatever you want to call it. … It sickens me. It sickens me guys. I’m even more upset that he’s already back,” he said. “The message was sent. The statement’s out. It looks like the Vikings are all good with it. He’s back with the team and it looks like he might play. You can’t change what happened, but going forward, their opportunity to make a difference and to send a message to all athletes, they dropped the ball. They failed.”"

Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston breaks down the Patriots’ offensive line snap count from last week’s victory.