New England Patriots’ Julian Edelman, Chandler Jones, Tom Brady React To Win Over Vikings

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Julian Edelman

Q: How good does it feel to go out on the road and come away with a win?

JE: It feels really good. We are going in and playing a team who was 1-0. We were 0-1. Being able to get back on track and come out of here with a victory.

Q: How much did the defense kind of help spark you guys?

JE: The defense got a lot of turnovers. We won the turnover battle and made some plays on special teams, so it definitely helped us.

Q: You went against Darrelle Revis all offseason through training camp and had great battles with him. To have a player of that caliber be able to do what he did to Jennings, who had about one catch for five yards, does that pick up the team? Or is that just what you expect from Darrelle?

JE: That’s the island. Revis is Revis.

Q: Can you go through your touchdown?

JE: Tom Brady through a corner route and I caught it. He made a good throw and I did my job.

Q: You were not in that play originally, were you? There seemed to be a lot of moving parts there up to the snap of the ball.

JE: Ask Coach McDaniels on that one. I don’t know.

Q: Is that the defense you saw at training camp? Is the Patriots defense starting to live up to its potential?

JE: They went out there and they took the ball away a lot and I guess they are. I don’t think they are trying to live up to anything. They are just going out there and doing their job They got the ball back for us a few times and we were able to capitalize a couple times on it.

Chandler Jones

Q: How good does it feel to just get win number one?

CJ: It feels good. It feels very good to get a team win. Everyone went out there and did their jobs, we executed it and it showed up on the scoreboard.

Q: What was the biggest difference in the defense this week?

CJ: Everyone working together. Everyone picking each other up. We’re playing for the guy beside us. Everyone’s just doing their job.

Q: Can you talk about playing on the edge and maybe if that plays to your strengths more?

CJ: I feel like Bill Belichick knows all of my strengths, and he knows all of my weaknesses. I feel like he would never put me in a position where I couldn’t produce or help the team. And I feel like wherever he puts me, that’s where I’m going to blitz.

Jerod Mayo

Q: Leading into the week what did you want to change from last week’s performance?

JM: First of all finish the game and second of all tackle strong. I think our guys did that and went out there with a conscious effort and did a good job

Q: How much fun was it today?

JM: It was fun out there. Guys were out there having a good time. Anytime you’re winning it’s going to be fun.

Q: Leading into the week how was it? You guys had to go through a lot after that loss?

JM: Honestly, guys changed the pace fast after Miami. We were on Minnesota ASAP and it was good.

Q: You guys were on Matt Cassel a lot; did you say anything to him?

JM: No I didn’t say anything, he was all about business and so was I.

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