New England Patriots: Four Takeaways From Win Over Minnesota Vikings

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3. Chandler Jones’ monster day

Right here, right now, I am not only predicting Chandler Jones will be in the Pro-Bowl, but he will be one of the most elite defensive ends in the game by the time the 2014-15 season comes to an end.

He is so athletic, so explosive, I see no reason why he can’t join the league’s best over the next few months. Jones finished today’s game with eight tackles, two sacks, three quarterback hits, a blocked field goal, and a touchdown. It was an amazing performance from an amazing player. That blocked field goal was the turning point of the game, as it was essentially a 10 point play. Instead of going into the locker room up 17-10, they entered halftime with a 17-point advantage. If it weren’t for that, we may have been in for a tight second half.

Jones was all over the field from the start, making impact plays in the running game, getting consistent pressure on Matt Cassel, and generally elevating the play of his teammates with his energy, and emotion for the game. Hopefully this is only the beginning for Jones, because he has the potential to become one of the best.