Patriots vs. Vikings-Predictions, Match-ups, and Thoughts


Ok, first off, let’s forget all about week 1. The Patriots defense needs some time to gel together and the penalties last week were a killer. The offensive line will be the biggest question mark going forwards so we’ll monitor that throughout the season.


 The Patriots were gashed last week by the Dolphins’ running attack and it doesn’t get any easier this week. One of the most prolific running backs in the game today is ready to bust through the defense. If Knowshon Moreno had a big game last week, Adrian Peterson will this week, plain and simple. In the passing game, the only real threat I see is Cordarrelle Patterson. He can run sweeps and end around with the best of them. Hopefully the pass defense will be there to stop him from going off too much. The thing I worry about the most with him is his ability in the return game. I see the Vikings having decent starting field position throughout the entire game.

For the Patriots it’s all about keeping Brady upright. Pressure on Brady is what cost the game last week. He was sacked, hurried and knocked around all game. That can’t happen anymore. The Patriots on paper are way better than the Vikings, Brady is better than Matt Cassel, the Patriots defense is better and the Patriots coaching staff is better. If Brady can stand in the pocket and throw without pressure, the Patriots will pick the Vikings’ defense apart.


I set some lofty goals for the Patriots this year (Super Bowl or bust). They are too talented of a team to underachieve. I think, in the end, the Patriots will be too much for Patterson and Peterson to overcome. I have the Patriots winning this on 23-17.


As of right now, I am a little worried about the team. After going out and making the pick-ups in free-agency they made, I can’t help but think of the Eagles a few years back. The “Dream Team” that sank horribly and barely won any games. I know that the Patriots won’t fall to under .500, but it still worries me, especially after seeing the Broncos and Seahawks.