New England Patriots Starters Shine in Preseason Game Two

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Aug 15, 2014; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) throws a pass against the Philadelphia Eagles in the second quarter during the preseason game at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Rookie quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in with 5:01 in first quarter.

First unit with Garoppolo.

  • Ridley at running back.
  • Thompkins and Lafell on first down wide on each side.
  • Solder back at left tackle. Josh Kline now at left guard. Ryan Wendell now at center. Cannon at right guard.

Not much from Ridley on first down.

Wide receiver Josh Boyce and running back White on for the second down and long.

  • Devey moved to right guard and bull rushed on the play
  • Garoppolo threw it away.
  • Was intended to be a screen pass to White.
  • Devey drew the hands to face penalty.

Fullback Develin releases into flat with no one around him.

  • H-back versatility. He was lined up close to the line.
  • Nice blocking downfield by Thompkins

Ridley on again and gained three

Ridley again inside the five

  • Another penalty flag.
    • No momentum with the penalties

Chris Barker in at left guard and called for holding penalty right away on first down inside the ten.

  • Manieri still at tight end.
  • Barker out of the game after penalty and Kline back in at left guard.
  • Solder at left tackle. Cannon at right guard.

Two wide receivers and two running backs again.

  • This formation is getting a lot of work.
  • It will be interesting what it will look at with Gronk rather than Maneri at tight end.

Develin releases again from backfield for touchdown

  • This time released to the left
  • Another penalty this time on defense. Declined.

Develin catching two passes out of backfield on the drive.

  • Nice confidence boost for Garoppolo to throw a touchdown pass.
  • Develin was invisible to the defense. Maneri released right down the middle and drew a linebacker and safety. Ridley drew other linebacker releasing right. No one on Eagles defense accounting for the fullback.