How Did The New England Patriots React To Last Night’s Win?

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Aug 15, 2014; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) on the field after the preseason game at Gillette Stadium. The New England Patriots defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 42-35. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

After last night’s win over the Eagles, a number of New England Patriots players took some time to speak with the media. Here is the official transcript: (And the link to Brady’s presser)

Tom Brady

QB: Finally good to get into a game or what?

TB: Yeah, it’s fun being out there. Sitting on the sideline like last week isn’t nearly as fun, so getting out there and getting a chance to play a little bit was great. It was a great experience for me, fun to be out there with my teammates, so I enjoyed it.

QB: What happened on the interception and what happened on the touchdown?

TB: Just miscommunication. It happens and I’m glad it happened in the preseason. The one thing about offensive football is all 11 guys have to be on the same page, so those are things we’re all working to try to correct. On the touchdown, on the more positive side, KT [Kenbrell Thompkins] made a great catch. I’ve got so much confidence in him and what he’s been able to do and continue to achieve for us has been great, so hopefully there will be a lot more of those.

QB: When you look at the four guys when you went four wides early –Danny Amendola,Julian Edelman, Brandon LaFell and Thompkins – each of the two are paired up and are similar but they do have unique abilities. Do you say, ‘Ok I can get a matchup with any of these guys?’

TB: Yeah, they all have some different skill sets to allow them to get open in different ways. We haven’t done a lot of that this year, but I think all the skill guys are going to have to play a big part of our team this year. It isn’t just going to be one group out there all game. Everyone who is out there is going to have to contribute. Everyone who is on the roster, who’s at the game, is going to have to contribute. So it was great to see all those guys in there all making plays. It’s just the way it needs to continue to be for us.

QB: Time of possession and converting third downs were pretty good for you guys.

TB: It was good, yeah. The time of possession was good. The first quarter, we had the ball most of the first quarter, which is always great, especially at home. A lot of that is converting third downs. Those are real critical points in winning the game and it was good tonight to be able to do that. The score got a little crazy there at the end, but I’m glad we came out on the winning end.

QB: How’d you like all those flags?

TB: I know, there were a lot of them. They stood up here in front of us and told us they were going to throw a lot of them and they sure did. Who knows if it will continue, but they’re calling things pretty tight. Coach always says, ‘Do business as business is being done,’ so if they’re going to call it tight…You know, we got a few extra opportunities out of it; they got a few extra opportunities out of it. It’s going to be who plays the smartest, I guess.

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