What’s Going On With The Madden 15 QB Ratings?


Madden has been slowly unveiling player ratings for the upcoming Madden 15, which is scheduled to be released later next month. So far Madden 15 has been revealing the top 15 players at every position. I like Madden. I’ve been playing it for years, but I really hate what they’ve been doing with the player ratings so far. It seems as though visual aspects of the game are the core of Madden, like most video games nowadays. Madden and other games tend to neglect the game play or in this case, the authenticity of the real video game experience.

Peyton Manning is at the top of the totem pole when it comes to QBs, is anyone surprised? Doubtful. He had an amazing season and he deserves his high ranking. The only thing I don’t like about his ranking is his deep ball accuracy. This is mainly because he doesn’t have a deep ball. The Super Bowl exposed Manning’s weakening arm, yet Madden still gave him an 86 in that category.

I’m really upset that Madden has Aaron Rogers tied with Manning for first with a 98 overall ranking. So basically what Madden is saying: play for like 7 games, play good in some, but get destroyed in others (like Cincinnati), miss half the season and we’ll still give you an amazing overall stat. That’s a joke. Rogers is good, but he’s not tied with Manning, especially after missing half the season. Rogers posted 3 games out of the 8 games he actually played (I’m not counting the Chicago games where be broke his collarbone) where he only threw 1 TD, and in 2 of those games he threw more INTs than TDs. I don’t get it.

Now the part that upset me most, and the reason this is article is being put on a Patriots Blog site: How is Brady tied for 5th with Russell Wilson with a 93 overall? Did anyone see any of Brady’s games last year? He was putting the ball IN PEOPLE’S HANDS and they were dropping it. I get it, I love Tom Brady so I’m bias, but he can’t make the receivers catch the ball. This was the main reason for his falling. Madden has stated that Brady’s numbers were as low as they have been since 2006, so that’s why he’s dropped off. Well yea, of course his numbers dropped off. He was throwing to basically no one except Julian Edelman last year. He had a bunch of injured rookies and cast offs as his starting receivers. Brady had the worst receiving core of all top 5 QBs by far. People just hate Brady. Without him the team wouldn’t have even made the playoffs, yet alone another AFC championship game. You do the math.