Ty Law Says Patriots’ Defense Best In Ten Years, Makes Super Bowl Prediction


As training camp moves forward, and we marvel over the talents of Darrelle Revis, we take a moment to step back, and hear from another cornerback, one who is now retired, and set to be inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame.

Ty Law spoke with reporters after his jacket fitting yesterday, and make some interesting comments regarding Revis, and the Pats’ Super Bowl chances.

(From Lee Schechter of ESPN Boston)

On Revis:

"“Darrelle is special. He is a different level. So when you look at the secondary now, when you look at another 24 out there and that elite of a cornerback and as a football player, you can really see these guys getting over the hump again. And bringing back home the trophy, where I think it belongs because we always strive to be champions.”"

On why this defense is the Pats’ best in 10 years:

"“I think it is [the team’s best defense in 10 years] because you’ve got to talk about the experience there is — not only with the secondary because I think that was one of the weaker links in the defense for the last few years — but you strengthened that five times with Darrelle Revis and you have [Brandon] Browner there,” Law said. “[Rob] Ninkovich getting another year of experience, [Vince] Wilfork. There’s a different type of leadership.Chandler Jones, another year of experience. So it is going to be amazing what these guys can do.”"

On why health is the key:

"“You can have all the talent in the world but if you can’t stay out there on the field, you’re going to be hurting your team,” Law said. “So if this team can stay healthy and the offense can continue putting up the numbers consistently like they have been doing with Tom Brady leading the pack and they can protect him, good things are going to happen.”"

On knowing Revis would be a star from the beginning:

"“When you look back and I’m a player in the NFL and this guy [Revis] is still in Pop Warner and I was fortunate to play long enough where he made it to the NFL and we played together on the field as two guys from Aliquippa,” Law said. “But seeing it right away — his agility, his passion, his aggressiveness at such a young age.”"

His Super Bowl prediction:

"“Hopefully I can still do my job, you know being an analyst, but I’m going for the Patriots every time.”"

I agree with pretty much everything Law said (big surprise, right?). This defense is shaping up to not only be one of the best in Belichick’s time in New England, but one of the best in the NFL, period. By adding Revis and Brandon Browner, this secondary instantly vaults to the top of the league, which sets the tone for the rest of the unit. Having a good defensive backfield in today’s NFL is the most important part of your defensive schemes, because let’s face it, this is a passing league. A good front seven is terrific, but a good back four is where the money is made.

Law also makes a very good point on health, as Pats fans know all too well, there is no point in having a bunch of talent on the roster, if it isn’t on the field every Sunday. If New England hadn’t been hit with the injury bug last year, I almost guarantee they would have won the Super Bowl. They were a pretty talented group. But they lost a lot of key starters throughout the year, which ultimately sunk them.

If the Patriots can stay healthy in 2014, there is no telling how far they would go. Like Law said, he is trying to be objective, but as a Pats fan, it’s hard to not get excited right now. This team looks primed for a deep run. Hopefully it materializes.