Quotes: Tom Brady Talks Darrelle Revis, James White, Rob Gronkowski


Yesterday quarterback Tom Brady appeared on NFL Radio’s “Movin’ The Chains”, and talked a little bit of Patriots football. We are only four days into training camp, but you can already tell Brady likes what he sees. Here are the full quotes from Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston:

On Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner:

"“Those are great corners. We’ve gone up against both of those guys and it’s been a real challenge at times. I’ve played against Darrelle for a lot of years, playing him two times a year with the Jets for a long time, so I know the kind of competitor he is. Having him in practice every day makes all of our guys better because they’re seeing the best, a guy that competes every play in the run game and pass game, on every route. He gets pissed off like I do when a ball gets caught on him. So it’s a nice little competition every day. You’re trying to get the best out of each other.”"

On James White:

"“He has a real maturity to him that you don’t often see in a young player. Nothing seems too big for him. You tell him something one time and he gets it and you don’t have to talk about it again. In the few practices we’ve had out there, he’s really made an impression on everybody. So hopefully he continues to do it, and he can be a real threat for us, something we didn’t have last year; we had it from the guys we had in here, but it’s nice to have another player like that.”"

On Rob Gronkowski:

"“I told him that [Sunday], ‘it’s great to have you out here.’ You know, there are a lot of times when you can just sit in the training room for a couple weeks and not do anything, but the reality is you get out there and get your helmet and pads on — even though it’s not contact, you’re running around and making the cuts you need to make, doing football-related activities that matter. What he’s going to be asked to do come September are things he’s doing now. He’s listening to calls, going through the whole practice, so when he gets out there and participates fully he’s ready to go.”"

On his group of receivers:

"“We have all of the guys back from last year, with the addition of Brandon LaFell. He’s done a great job coming in here and trying to understand how we do things. He has a lot of experience in the pros, so it’s nice for a quarterback not to have to talk to a fourth- or fifth-year player about every little detail, like sometimes you need to do with younger players. So he’s got some playing experience, knows how to get open, knows some man-to-man techniques that he can really use. We’re just trying to incorporate all those guys to their skill set and do what they do best. I hope that we can put together an offense that can be tough to defend. You watch the Spurs this year in the championship, and whoever the ball got kicked out to was going to make the shot. I think that’s what makes an offense. It’s not ‘throw it to one guy and see if he can create something.’ It’s ‘pass, pass, pass, pass, pass until you get your best look and then, boom, that’s when the ball goes in. That’s what we want to be on offense. You just have to figure out your best place to throw it and that guy has to make the play.”"

On Ryan Mallett and Jimmy Garoppolo:

"“We have a good group. Ryan has always done such a great job when he’s got the opportunity. For him, he just hasn’t got many opportunities. I’m excited to see it when he does. He comes to work every day and he’s a real mentally tough kid. I really love that about him. And Jimmy, he’s been here for a short time and he’s made a great impression on everybody.”"

When the Patriots went out and acquired Revis, I think everybody only thought of what he would bring to the Patriots’ defense. And rightfully so. He is the best corner in the game, he can literally take away half of the field for the opposing offense, and he produces quite a few turnovers. But what Brady said about Revis helping him as well really stood out to me.

Revis’ presence on the practice field will really help Bill Belichick’s offense excel as well. When was the last time this group of receivers had the opportunity to go up against a corner like Revis? It’s been a long time. I think a big reason why these guys have failed to produce in the big moments in the past is because they don’t go up against quality talent in practice, so come game-time, they don’t know what to expect from the elite corners opposite them.

But that won’t be the case this year. In addition to Revis, the Patriots will have Brandon Browner patrolling the secondary, laying out punishment to whoever decides to venture into his territory. I am expecting big things from Tom Brady’s offense from here on out.