Jimmy Garoppolo Didn’t Expect Such A Big Crowd At Camp


Rookie quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has had a rough couple days of practice. According to reports, he has fumbled a few times, thrown picks, and just hasn’t been as sharp as he probably should be.

But that is how things work when you are a rookie, and I don’t think there is anything to worry about with his development. To become great, you need to have some bad days to learn. Hopefully he learns from these experiences, and grows throughout 2014.

After practice, he spent a few minutes talking with reporters: (Quotes via Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston)

On all the fans in attendance:

"“I didn’t expect that. That was unbelievable, the first day, coming out and seeing that. It’s awesome to see how the fans interact with the team so much and how they’re really connected with their sports teams.”“Coming from Eastern, we didn’t have the biggest crowd by any means, and at practice, we didn’t have crowds. It’s awesome to come out here, and the fans are unbelievable – they know when to cheer, when not to cheer. It’s exciting.”"

On performing in front of all those fans:

"“You approach it the same way, whether they’re there or not. It’s one of those things [on] game-day there are going to be a lot more people than that. [Organized team activities] there was no one here. So you just have to come out here every day and do your best [regardless].”"

On any advice he has received from Tom Brady:

"“Kind of the next-play mentality — you can’t worry about the past, you have to move on. Every play is just as important as the last play.”"

I think it’s hilarious that Garoppolo is seeing more fans at training camp here in Foxboro, than he saw at his home games in Illinois. That’s what you get when you get called up to the “big leagues”. Garoppolo will have to learn to handle all the eyes on him, if he ever wants to have a decent career in the NFL.

It is good however that he realizes he needs to approach the game the same way, regardless of how many people are watching him. If he allows that pressure to get to him, he will be in for a world of trouble. Tom Brady knows this as well as anyone, so Garoppolo is pretty damn lucky he has someone like that to guide him on his journey.