Robert Kraft Wants Another Title Brought Back To New England


When you think of the modern New England Patriots, you think of three people:

Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and Robert Kraft.

The latter is not talked about nearly as much as the first two, simply because that is the nature of his job. The owner of the team does not get as much spotlight as the coach, or the star quarterback, and over the years I think it has become obvious that Kraft is just fine with that.

Since Robert Kraft took over this franchise, they have been one of the successful clubs in the league. He has brought three Super Bowls back to Foxboro, but he has been blanked since 2004. That only fuels the fire in Kraft’s belly. Kraft took the time to speak with Teddy Bruschi, and Hannah Storm on ESPN this morning, and he touched on wanting to bring back a title to New England.

“We want it real bad,” he said. “In the end, like everything in life, it is about execution. You have to make it happen, and you also need good fortune not to have injuries and then have the ball bounce right.”

Many people only look at Tom Brady’s competitiveness alone as the trademark of the Pats, but it really starts at the top, and works its way down. It is obvious that Kraft is competitive as well, and really wants a fourth championship.

Here are a few more of his quotes: (Via ESPN Boston)

On getting back to training camp:

"“You feel reborn. … It’s great to see football back.”"

On the team’s facilities:

"“We’ve invested over $25 million to try to get our facilities top-notch. In this business, if you aren’t always pushing — whether it’s in the area of developing software or getting the right free agents or doing all the little things that can help, hopefully, put you in a good position to try to win. It’s so hard, as you know.“I probably speak for every owner in the league that this time of year we’re all excited. We think the sky’s the limit. We’ve made our offseason moves. We’ve had our draft. It’s 0-0 wins and losses. So optimistic.”"

On wanting another Super Bowl:

"“Absolutely. Especially as the years start creeping up and you realize how delicate everything is. Look at last year: We thought we had a great team and then Vince [Wilfork] goes down in Week 4 and Tommy Kelly in Week 5 and Jerod Mayo in Week 6. So that solid defense … that’s the beauty of this game, no one knows what’s going to happen.On putting an NFL team in LA:“I think we’ve gone almost a generation, almost 20 years I think, without a team in L.A. … It isn’t good for the NFL. We have a generation of young people growing up not really branded or tied to a team. I think that kind of passion only comes when you have a team you can root for. I think it’s very important. I’d like to see us get two teams in L.A., personally … then we have the AFC and the NFC.”"

As we move towards football starting back up, and we begin talking more and more about the players and coaches doing their thing, it is important to remember who really is the king of it all. Robert Kraft started all of this, and he deserves a ton of credit for what he has done. I personally think he is unappreciated among Patriots fans, which is something that should change.

This interview showed me that Kraft is hungry for another title, perhaps just as much as the team he runs.