Rob Gronkowski Admits He Isn’t 100%, Won’t Change “Smashing And Dashing” Style Of Play


After the Patriots concluded their second day of practice earlier today, tight end Rob Gronkowski took a few minutes to talk with the media about recovering from his knee injury, not dwelling on the past, and moving forward.

Gronk admitted that he was not yet 100% healthy, which is why he has been limited in practice. His health will be the difference between the Pats celebrating a fourth Super Bowl victory in February, or sitting at home with the other 31 teams that missed out on winning a championship. So he should not be rushed back, but rather eased in, until he feels ready to go.

(Quotes from Doug Kyed of NESN)

On health of his knee:

"“If I was 100 percent, I would be doing every single thing,” Gronkowski said. “No. I’m not 100 percent. Obviously not. I’m working my way to get to that.”"

On he will be back:

"“I’m preparing myself to my max ability right now for the first regular game,” Gronkowski said. “I really can’t say anything from here on out because it’s far away.”"

On how he feels being back:

"“Being in the huddle, catching balls from Tom Brady, it’s a dream come true again,” Gronkowski said. “It feels like it got taken away, and now I feel like I got it back, so it’s awesome.”"

On this past summer:

"“Yeah, it was boring this year. I was rehabbing every day, it was miserable. Hopefully that never happens again. I don’t wish nothing on anyone like I had the last few years.”"

On his style of play:

"“No, I ain’t changing that one bit. I’m going to go full speed when I’m out there, and I’m going to keep smashing and dashing in everything I do. Maybe if it’s not necessary one single bit I’ll go down, but if i can make some plays, make some extra yards, get in the end zone, I’m definitely going to go full speed and take the hits.”"

Some have called Gronkowsk ‘injury-prone’. And that may be fair. He has missed 14 regular season games over the last two seasons, and a few postseason games to boot. But one thing you better not call him is ‘lazy’, or say he doesn’t care about the game, or has no heart. This dude has worked his butt off to get to where he is, and to be set back by bad injuries would just bury an average person.

But Gronk stood tall, fought back, and is now ready to take some revenge on the football world. His teammates have raved about his work ethic, and his comments on working back are pretty great. I hope everything goes well for the big man, and hopefully we will see him dominate the NFL for an entire 16-game season.