Rex Ryan Needs to Put a Foot in It


What a shock, another off season another Rex Ryan stab at the Patriots. Ryan is known for his big mouth and bigger expectations every off season. He also likes to drag someone from the Patriots into his over confident statements about how well the Jets will do this year.

This time around, Rex says that “[The Patriots] need to worry about us.” Yea, sure they do. The Patriots would have swept the Jets last year if it wasn’t for some ‘questionable’ call on a field goal. The Patriots have absolutely nothing to fear in New York. The Jets have a QB competition between 2 mediocre QBs, 1 receiver, and a pretty good running game that they will abandon once they are down 2 scores, and don’t forget a horrible pass defense. If Rex doesn’t remember, let me remind him: Brady carved up your secondary when you had Revis and Cromartie and they were probably the best CB duo in football at the time. Now look at who you got, a mediocre 2nd year CB, a rookie safety that will be a personal foul magnet and a decent pass rush. That’s it. If the D-line doesn’t get to the QB in the first few seconds the secondary will give up big play after big play; no questions asked.

I don’t understand why Rex Ryan feels the need to start something every off season. The Patriots never say a word about anyone, ever. I get that the silent treatment may make some people mad, but they treat football like a business. Quiet confidence, arrogance, whatever you want to call it, they don’t talk about anyone. Ryan on the other hand feels the need to bring up Belichick or a Patriots’ player every time he sees a microphone. He needs to grow up. It’s the same every week, ‘We’re so tough, we’re so tough’ then the game is actually played and they lose 45-3. Yea, that’s real tough.

I can’t wait for this year, and I hope that the Patriots sign Dustin Keller. I would love probably the 2 best Jets players in the Rex Ryan era to run all over their former team and coach. Revis will pick off whoever the Jets QB is that much is almost certain, and if the Patriots do sign Keller, I hope he torches the Jets pass defense all day.

The idea of a victory in the Jets locker room is Rex Ryan being able to keep his job. At the end of the season, when it was announced Rex would be returning as Jets’ head coach last year, the locker room erupted like they were going to the Superbowl. That’s just pathetic. I hope this is the last year we have to look at Rex Ryan on the Jets’ sideline. Just fire him and maybe after being picked up as a defensive coordinator on some other team he’ll finally put a foot in it.