Darrelle Revis Calls Bill Belichick A ‘Players Coach’


After the conclusion of the Patriots final minicamp practice of the year yesterday, cornerback Darrelle Revis took a few minutes to talk with reporters.

One of the biggest things he discussed was Bill Belichick, and how his perception of the legendary coach has changed now that he plays in New England. (Quotes via Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston)

"“When you’re on the outside looking in, when you’re playing with another organization, you look at things totally different. Especially coming from New York and New England, being up here, it’s a rivalry. You look at things totally different. That’s with any player. There are a bunch of guys that crossed over, and once you cross over and when you’re inside looking out, it’s a totally different perspective.”"

On how he now views Belichick:

"“I think it changed the first time through the whole process, when I got released from Tampa, and then talking to teams and actually I got to sit down and talk to Belichick. I think it changed during that conversation, when me and him sat down and had a brief conversation. We moved forward and whatever we had in the past, we put it behind us. I think it changed during that moment.”"

And he why he feels Belichick is actually a players coach:

"“He’s a great coach. I really respect him for winning three [Super Bowl] championships. Another thing, I feel like he’s a player coach. A lot of people might not say that on the outside looking in, but we’re with Bill every day. We hang out with him every day. We’re in the meetings with him every day so we’re around him all the time. I really feel like he’s a player coach.”"

This is exactly the kind of attitude I think we all expected Revis to have once he came to the Pats, and I for one am confident that it will help him continue to play at an elite level. In fact, having someone like Belichick at his side may even propel him to new heights at the cornerback position.

I am not discrediting Rex Ryan, because he is one of the best defensive minds in the league, but Belichick is in a whole different universe. We will see if he has any influence on Revis come game-time.