Tom Brady ‘Always Fired Up’, Continues To Get Better


Yesterday after the Patriots finished up their second minicamp practice of the offseason yesterday, and after the conclusion of practice, quarterback Tom Brady spoke with the media about a number of topics.

My biggest takeaway from his 10 minutes with the media was that the future Hall of Famer is always motivated to get better, and achieve that ultimate goal.

On how to continue to improve his game: (Via Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston)

"“If you want to be special at this game, you have to do what it takes. Some things come a little more naturally to some people than others. The mental part came naturally for me. I think I’ve really had to work hard on the physical part, what it takes to be an NFL player. There was a reason I was a sixth-round pick. I didn’t have much ability. I have to try to work hard to improve those things over the years, while still keeping my mental game sharp.”"

Continuation on improving his game: (From Jeff Howe of Boston Herald)

"“I’m always pretty fired up. I think there are people that always have opinions about us as athletes. Just try to go out there and do your best and go home at night realizing you left it all on the field. Some days, you don’t play your best, but that’s sports. I’ll try to go out there and be the best I can be this year.”"

What makes Brady so great is this work ethic to continue to get better every day. What separates the legends from the stars is that “chip” on their shoulder that drives them to achieve greatness.

I know that Pats fans don’t like to admit it, but Peyton Manning belongs in this select group (well, outside of the playoffs). These types of players don’t come around very often, and it is interviews like the ones that Brady gave that should make us appreciate these all time great players.

For some reason it has been a common thought that Brady slipped up in 2013, and had a down year. However like a lot of Pats fans, I think it was one of his best campaigns to date. He took a team ravaged by injury to the AFC Championship game, and nearly got them to the Super Bowl.

I have a feeling that Brady will improve even more next year, and with a supporting cast that has had some experience with his offense, will produce terrific results.