Kevin Williams Says Bill Belichick Would Use Him In A Rotation If Signed


Last week free agent defensive tackle Kevin Williams had a visit with the Patriots. This came shortly after Williams told the Pats to “look him up”. 

Yesterday Williams talked about his visit with Bill Belichick on Sirius XM NFL Radio. Here are a few quotes: (via Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston)

"“He went through the roster and basically explained where I could fit in with those guys. They had a lot of injuries and they have some veteran guys coming off of injuries that play tackle, and I would have a chance to compete for a position there. Either way, we’d have a good rotation and have a chance to win some games.”“I think I still have some juice in the tank and to be in a nice rotation, it would maximize both for me and whatever team I’m with to both get the best from it.”“My main criteria has really been having a chance to win and playing with a proven quarterback,” Williams said, when asked if there is a certain level of contract he’d be willing to accept. “Those things are huge when you get older, you want to have that chance to get in the dance and just be there to have a chance at the end of the season. You don’t want to take that beating all year to just go home for another offseason. …The game in the trenches is tough enough as it is, and to not be playing for something at the end is tough at this point.”"

The Patriots don’t necessarily “need” any more depth at defensive tackle, but if last year’s injury debacle showed us anything, it is that you can never have enough depth in that area.

Williams best trait is his ability to stop the run, and I honestly think the combination of him and Vince Wilfork would make it extremely tough for opposing offenses to run the football. As Williams said, the Pats would most likely use him in a rotation, which would allow him to be at his best when on the field. Having rookie Dominique Easley get eased into the flow would also be beneficial, as it would not only give his knee a chance to get to 100%, but it would keep him fresh, which is extremely important for an explosive pass rusher like Easley.

After watching Chris Jones, Joe Vellano, and Sealver Siliga try and hold down the fort throughout the majority of the 2013 season, I don’t want something like that to transpire again. Yes, those three guys gained valuable experience last year, but I still wouldn’t be comfortable with any of them starting in 2014. In a reserve role, I think they would be great. But I don’t want to see them starting at any point in this upcoming season, which is why bringing in Williams could be a solid move for New England.