New England Patriots Seven Round Mock Draft 5.0

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Round Four, Pick 130: Ka’Deem Carey (RB, Arizona)

Ka’Deem Carey is a phenomenal athlete, and the Patriots should always be in the market to take difference makers in their offense. That’s what Ka’Deem Carey brings, similar to what Shane Vereen does. If things ended up a bit differently, I wouldn’t mind taking a guy like Jeremy Hill in the late second or early third round, but Carey is a solid other option. He’s an incredibly elusive and fast running back, capable of making big plays both in the passing and running game. While he doesn’t have a huge body (5’9, 210), he’s a very determined runner, and makes up for that size with hard running, and non-stop moving legs. The Patriots could use another receiving back on the team, especially with Shane Vereen still dealing with problems dating back to his wrist injury all the way back in September. Carey provides some excellent depth at running back that the Patriots could use with LeGarrette Blount now in Pittsburgh.

Other Options: RB Storm Johnson, WR Brandon Coleman, OLB Jordan Tripp