New England Patriots Seven Round Mock Draft 4.0

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Round Six, Pick 198: Gator Hoskins (TE/FB, Marshall)

Not much else to say about Gator Hoskins, as I’ve already talked about him in a previous entry into this series, but his versatility would be a necessity after taking a player like Fiedorowicz in the third round. Hoskins isn’t going to be a blocking player, but you could hopefully move him around the field, sort of like what Aaron Hernandez was doing before he decided that jail was a better career choice. Being able to be used on the line of scrimmage, as a slot player, and in the backfield, is some fantastic versatility.

Round Six, Pick 206: L’Damian Washington (WR, Missouri)

Wide receiver was the last position of need I had down for the Patriots, after addressing all the needs in previous picks in this mock draft. Washington isa quite raw prospect, and won’t be ready to seriously contribute for a year or two, but could definitely be worth stashing away, and developing so he can become the football player that he can. Standing at a solid 6’4 and nearly 200 pounds, he has the size of a prototypical deep threat, and has the speed to be one as well. Combine that with having a great head on his shoulders, and a drive to succeed, he could be worth the one of two year start period, and below average fundamentals like his hands and route running abilities.

Round Seven, Pick 244: Marquis Spruill (ILB, Syracuse)

Spruill won’t be much of a defensive player in his time in the NFL, but he will become a very valuable special teamer. Physcially, he’s not exactly what you would want out of a linebacker, with shorter arms, smaller in stature, and quite light for a linebacker, but he’s a tenacious player, and a big time leader back in the Syracuse locker room, and could be a nice addition to the Patriots special team core. If not, practice squad could always use a few hustle players.