The Patriot Way – New England Patriot News 12/30


Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

-Definitely the coldest game I have ever been to, soaked all the way through and chilled to the bone.  Wouldn’t trade it for anything though.

-The Patriots defeated the Bills yesterday to lock up the number two seed in the playoffs, and most importantly earned themselves a much needed bye week.  With so many injuries (a few more added yesterday), it will be a huge benefit to try and get everyone as healthy as possible going into the second season.

-LaGarrette Blount had himself a day, a very, very big day.  The two big returns were not only great in setting up the offense with excellent field position, but they came at times when the Bills had clawed their way back into the game.  He also ran the ball extremely well all game, capping the scoring with a 35yd touchdown run.  Hopefully this continues into the playoffs.

-The Patriots have been recognized as the top NFL team for designated drivers program.  Its good to see the team take such an interest in an important facet of going to a game.

-The full playoff picture is now set after yesterday.  The NFL got what it wanted with nothing being entirely locked up until yesterday, even the very last regular season game having huge playoff implications, and the Patriots got what they wanted: a bye.

– Here is an early look at what next weekends games hold.  Never too early to do some advanced scouting on the potential opponents.

– Brady held his weekly radio appearance this morning on Weei.  Always interesting to hear his insight on the team’s performance yesterday and the future prospects.  Personally I though Brady did not look sharp yesterday, not sure if he was having an off day or if the rain got to him.

-Mike Reiss has tracked the defensive and offensive snap totals yesterday.  Siliga is acquitting himself quite well so far this year and that is having a trickle down effect as well.

– As the old saying goes, ‘all you need is a chip and a chair.’  Get the Patriots into the playoffs and they will always have a chance, especially with Brady and Belichick.