NFL Week 14 Power Rankings


Nov 24, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Ryan Davis (59) celebrates after making an interception during the fourth quarter against the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium. The Jaguars defeated the Texans 13-6. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

1.   Seattle Seahawks (11-1) – Sure, their record said they were legit, but the completely proved it to all the doubters (including myself) on Monday night against the Saints. They completely dominated the entire game and are clearly the team to beat this year. Good luck to any NFC team that has to play Seattle at home in the playoffs.  Previous Rank: 1

2.   Denver Broncos (10-2) – Peyton Manning makes it look easy. Despite throwing two picks, he handled Kansas City’s defense with perfect throws, particularly to Eric Decker who caught 4 of Peyton’s 5 TDs. Peyton is now only 9 TDs away from tying Tom Brady’s record of 50 TD’s in a season.  Previous Rank: 3

3.   Carolina Panthers (9-3) – Even though Cam didn’t have a great game against the Buccs, the defense stood tall and helped the Panthers roll to their eighth straight win. Their showdown against the New Orleans Saints next Sunday will be epic and has huge playoff implications.  Previous Rank: 4

3.   New Orleans Saints (9-3) – The Saints got completely dominated in Seattle on Monday night by the Seahawks. The last time the Saints were only able to manage 7 points? A loss to Carolina dating back to 2008 and even then Brees threw for 231 yards. He had 147 on Monday night.  Previous Rank: 2

5.   New England Patriots (9-3) – It was an ugly win because of the Patriots defense, but they still found a way to come through.  Aqib Talib is clearly not 100% healthy and Dont’a Hightower has been a disappointment. Dane Fletcher should see more playing time in Hightower’s place. If they beat the Browns at home this week and Miami loses to Pittsburgh, the Pats will clinch the AFC East.  Previous Rank:  5

6.   Cincinnati Bengals (8-4) – They came into San Diego and handled a tough Chargers team to continue their campaign for the AFC North. They have a tough match-up this weekend against the Indianapolis Colts that could open to door for Baltimore to take the division should they lose.  Previous Rank: 7

7.   San Francisco 49ers (8-4) – Finally, with the return of Michael Crabtree this team now looks ready for the postseason. Kaepernick relies on him to not only make big plays, but to open coverage for his other receivers.  Previous Rank: 9

8.   Kansas City Chiefs (9-3) – They lost a tough one at home to the Broncos, but they really have themselves to blame. Aside from the end zone pick, Alex Smith played an excellent game but got no help from his receivers. If they caught just half of the dropped passes, they may have come away with a win.  Previous Rank: 6

9.   Philadelphia Eagles (7-5) – Nick Foles is 19-0, 19 touchdowns with still no interceptions and the Eagles have won four straight. The NFC East could very well come down to the Eagles week 17 match-up against the Cowboys.  Previous Rank: 10

10.   Indianapolis Colts (8-4) – Indy grinded out a win against Tennessee, but Andrew Luck had a tough game against their defense. He finished 17/32 for 200 yards and a pick.  Previous Rank: 11

11.   Detroit Lions (7-5) – They got their first Thanksgiving win in 10 years as they demolished a Rodgers-less Packers. They can’t relax yet, though, they are only one game ahead of Chicago for the division lead.  Previous Rank: 12

12.   Arizona Cardinals (7-5) – It was a tough loss against Philly on Sunday that left the Cards angry about all of the calls/non-calls by the refs in the Eagles’ favor. They have stiff competition for a wild card spot in the NFC, going against the likes of the 49ers, Panthers, Eagles/Cowboys, and Chicago as the standings are now.  Previous Rank: 8

13.   Dallas Cowboys (7-5) – After a weak start against Oakland, the defense came up big in the second half and allowed the Cowboys to come back behind the stellar play of DeMarco Murray. They take on the Bears Monday night before playing two very winnable games against the Packers and Redskins.  Previous Rank: 13

14.   Chicago Bears (6-6) – Marc Trestman’s decision to attempt the 47-yard field goal on second down in OT was absolutely ridiculous and directly led to their loss. His call this game and the way he didn’t use his time-outs against the Ravens last week are puzzling, but it only matters if they win.  Previous Rank: 15

15.   Baltimore Ravens (6-6) – They seemed dead in the water, but after a big win over Pittsburgh on Thanksgiving they are now only two wins out of the division lead and currently sit in the final wild card spot. They have an easy game this week against Minnesota to build momentum before a tough finish against Detroit, New England, and Cincinnati.  Previous Rank: 21

16.   Miami Dolphins (6-6) – The Dolphins stomped the Jets in New York, but it’s not like they put up much of a fight. The offensive line held up very well against a tough Jets defense, though, which will be critical for them to maintain going forward if they have a hope of making the playoffs.  Previous Rank: 20

17.   New York Giants (5-7) – People are saying that the Giants still have a shot at the post-season after beating the lowly Redskins, but no. There’s no way the Giants make the post-season while the Cowboys and Eagles are both tied for the division lead and the weaker of the two may not even make it.  Previous Rank: 23

18.   San Diego Chargers (5-7) – They have a tough end to the season, playing the Giants, Broncos, Raiders, and Chiefs. It’ll be an accomplishment for them to finish 8-8.  Previous Rank: 18

19.   Tennessee Titans (5-7) – The defense has grown tremendously, but they aren’t there yet and the team is missing Jake Locker. They have to follow up their tough loss to the Colts by traveling to Mile High to play Peyton Manning. Ouch.  Previous Rank: 16

20.   St. Louis Rams (5-7) – St. Louis’ is having a good season if you consider all the injuries, but they have a near impossible task of finishing 8-8. They take on the Cards, Saints, Buccs, and Seahawks before the season ends.  Previous Rank: 14

21.   Pittsburgh Steelers (5-7) – This organization is about to feel the wrath of the NFL after Mike Tomlin’s interference on the Thanksgiving Jacoby Jones return. Precedents set the fine at around $100,000 and they could even lose a draft pick(s), which would be devastating.  Previous Rank: 17

22.   Buffalo Bills (4-8) – CJ Spiller was dominant in the Bills loss to the Falcons at Toronto, rushing 15 times for 149 yards and a touchdown. It was easily his best performance of the year, and if he can actually stay healthy he could lead this team to new heights next season.  Previous Rank: 25

23.   Jacksonville Jaguars (3-9) –  The Jags ranked this high? They’ve won their past two games, which is more than anyone can say for the teams ranked lower. They have a chance to win three straight games for the first time since 2010 when they play Houston again this week.  Previous Rank: 30

24.   Green Bay Packers (5-6-1) – Without Aaron Rodgers this team is toast. He masks a lot of things the Packers do poorly, but without him their season is basically over now that they’ve lost four of their last five, with the other game being a tie.  Previous Rank: 19

25.   Oakland Raiders (4-8) – They started out great against Dallas on Thanksgiving, but the offense stalled in the second half. They need a solid draft in order to help finally dig this franchise out of the NFL basement.  Previous Rank: 27

26.   New York Jets (5-7) – The Jets have only averaged 4.6 plays per drive in their last three games, all of which they’ve lost. This offense is the definition of stagnant, but they are making the right decision to play Geno Smith next week. It’s way too early to give up on him, particularly when he has barely any weapons and a weak offensive line.  Previous Rank: 22

27.   Cleveland Browns (4-8) – Remember when they were talking about trading Josh Gordon? He is now the first receiver in NFL history to have back-to-back 200+ yard receiving games. If it weren’t for the black-hole at the quarterback position, they could easily have a few more wins with the talent on this roster.  Previous Rank: 26

28.   Atlanta Falcons (3-9) – Sunday’s win was their first since week 7 against the Buccs. They have an opportunity to string together wins since they play the Packers this week, followed by the Redskins.  Previous Rank: 31

29.   Minnesota Vikings (3-8-1) – They capitalized on Marc Trestman’s mistake in overtime and AP was a stud, rushing for 211 yards on 35 carries. Christian Ponder easily gives this team the best chance to win out of all the quarterbacks on their roster, but he is battling a concussion and may not be ready for this week’s game against the Ravens.  Previous Rank: 28

30.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-9) – The Buccs were no match for the surging Panthers and were completely outplayed. It will be interesting to see what position the Buccs go after first in the draft with their early pick.  Previous Rank: 24

31.   Washington Redskins (3-9) – RG3 isn’t 100% healthy and his receivers are making him look worse by dropping his good passes. The offense looks like a mess but it isn’t nearly as bad as the defense.  Previous Rank: 29

32.   Houston Texans (2-10) – Antonio Smith has some serious stones accusing the Patriots of cheating. Your team is 2-10, you clearly aren’t doing anything special that is catching teams off guard.  Previous Rank: 32