NFL Week 12 Power Rankings


Nov 17, 2013; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills wide receiver T.J. Graham (11) celebrates his first half touchdown against the New York Jets at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

1.   Denver Broncos (9-1) – Two bum ankles couldn’t stop Peyton Manning, even against the league’s top defense. The bar has been set so high for Peyton that going 24/40 for 323 yards and just one TD seems just average for him.  Previous Rank: 2

2.   Kansas City Chiefs (9-1) – They suffered their first defeat at the hands of the high-powered Broncos, but they have a shot for revenge in just two weeks in Kansas City. If Denver loses next Sunday in New England, Kansas City has a huge opportunity to reclaim the #1 seed until the playoffs.  Previous Rank: 1

3.   Seattle Seahawks (10-1) – Russell Wilson had easily his best game of the season against the lowly Vikings, going 13/18 for 230 yards, 2 TDs, and a near-perfect passer rating of 151.4. With Percy Harvin back, he could become a more consistent and dangerous passer, and this team would be even scarier.  Previous Rank: 4

4.   New Orleans Saints (8-2) – They turned over the ball three times but still pulled out a win against the ‘Niners. You’d think the lack of a real running game would slow this team down but not at all.  Previous Rank: 3

5.   Carolina Panthers (7-3) – Despite the controversial end, Cam played excellently against the Patriots and deserved the win. This defense is incredible and should get them back into the postseason. Anyone else counting down until they play the Saints in week 14?  Previous Rank: 8

6.   New England Patriots (7-3) – Brady played very well against the league’s best defense, as did the rest of the team, but mistakes shot them in the foot. They had killer defensive penalties on McCourty and Talib, and the Ridley fumble in the redzone was huge. They need to put the loss behind them quickly and prepare for Brady Manning XIV this Sunday.  Previous Rank: 5

7.   Indianapolis Colts (7-3) – They bounced back after an embarrassing home loss to the Rams and erased an early 14-point deficit to beat the Titans. Luck didn’t have a TD pass, but he ran one in and handed off the other two to Donald Brown. They are getting a better balanced attack at the right time in the season.  Previous Rank: 7

8.   Cincinnati Bengals (7-4) – The Bengals won but it wasn’t pretty. They were 1-14 on third down and Andy Dalton was average at best. They’ll have to play better against tougher competition than the Browns if they want to go deep in the postseason.  Previous Rank: 9

9.   Detroit Lions (6-4) – They put up 27 points in the second quarter alone but nothing the rest of the game. They’re still in first in the NFC North but they need to be more consistent if they want to win the division.  Previous Rank: 6

10.   Chicago Bears (6-4) – Josh McCown has done so well filling in for Jay Cutler that he’s making people question whether or not Cutler should be resigned after his contract is up this year. He’s had 5 TDs and no picks in 4 starts with a passer rating of 100. Cutler’s passer rating in 5 starts is 88.4.  Previous Rank: 11

11.   Arizona Cardinals (6-4) – The Cards have won three straight and Palmer has been excellent. Granted, the three teams have only five combined wins, but they have momentum and a playoff spot in sight.  Previous Rank: 13

12.   Philadelphia Eagles (6-5) – Nick Foles continues to impress each week and has all but locked up the starter job for good. After winning three straight they get a bye week to prepare for Arizona.  Previous Rank: 14

13.   San Francisco 49ers (6-4) –  The only team they’ve beaten with a winning record was the Cardinals, while every loss has come to a playoff team. This offense needs a spark; maybe they’ll get it when Crabtree comes back.  Previous Rank: 10

14.   Dallas Cowboys (5-5) – After having complete control of the NFC East, the Cowboys have slipped hard and now the division is up for grabs. With a defense playing as bad as they have been, the Cowboys may be playing golf again in January. They have a must-win game against the Giants next Sunday.  Previous Rank: 16

15.   New York Jets (5-5) – They were flying so high after beating the Saints, but they completely flopped this weekend against the Bills. Geno Smith had easily his worst game as a Jet with three picks and a fumble.  Previous Rank: 12

16.   New York Giants (4-6) – They’ve won four in a row and are ready to ride this momentum as far as they can. They have tough games against Seattle and Detroit at the end of the season, though, so they need to keep improving. Beating three lesser teams and the Eagles is a start.  Previous Rank: 20

17.   Green Bay Packers (5-5) – Without Aaron Rodgers this team has dropped three straight games. They have a chance at winning this week without him against the Vikings, but they absolutely need him back in time for the Thanksgiving showdown with the division-leading Lions.  Previous Rank: 15

18.   Miami Dolphins (5-5) – After a tough loss to Tampa Bay last week, the Dolphins rebounded against the Chargers to keep their playoff hopes alive. They have an incredibly tough match-up this week, though, against the Panthers.  Previous Rank: 23

19.   Pittsburgh Steelers (4-6) – Big Ben had an incredible game against the Lions, going 29/45 for 367 yards, 4 TDs, and no picks. It’s amazing they are still in the division race. Four out of their last six games are divisional, so they need to ride this momentum.  Previous Rank: 24

20.   St. Louis Rams (4-6) – Coming off the bye week, the Rams will face the Cutler-less Bears on Sunday. This defense has the potential to rattle Josh McCown and pull off the upset.  Previous Rank: 19

21.   Cleveland Browns (4-6) – Mistakes and the inability to capitalize on turnovers killed the Browns chances of winning Sunday. There’s no way that Jason Campbell should be throwing 56 times in a game, even with the Bengals excellent front-seven.  Previous Rank: 17

22.   San Diego Chargers (4-6) – Same old Chargers. They blow games they should be able to win with their roster and have now lost three straight. Make it four straight this week when they travel to Kansas City.  Previous Rank: 18

23.   Tennessee Titans (4-6) – Fitzpatrick actually played pretty well against the Colts: he was 22/28 for 222 and a TD with no turnovers. This team has a lot of potential, but they aren’t ready yet.  Previous Rank: 22

24.   Baltimore Ravens (4-6) – The Ravens are 1-5 on the road this year and if the playoffs started now, they’d be out of a spot for the first time since 2007. They desperately need offensive line help.  Previous Rank: 21

25.   Buffalo Bills (4-7) – They smacked the Jets to remind everyone they are not dead yet and EJ Manuel was excellent. They have a bye this week to prepare for the lowly Falcons.  Previous Rank: 26

26.   Oakland Raiders (4-7) – Who is Matt McGloin? Just a kid from Scranton, PA, that may have stolen the starting job from Terrell Pryor after his 18/32, 197 yard and 3 TD performance on Sunday. He’ll have a tougher test this week against Tennessee’s defense, but he looks like he has a lot of potential.  Previous Rank: 27

27.   Washington Redskins (3-7) – RGIII is getting killed out there and his play has dropped significantly. They absolutely have to protect him better if they want him around for a full career lasting longer than a few seasons.  Previous Rank: 27

28.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-8) – The previously 0-8 Buccs have now won two straight and completely dominated the Falcons on Sunday. Mike Glennon went 20/23 for 231 and 2 TDs with no turnovers. This kid is their future.  Previous Rank: 32

29.   Minnesota Vikings (2-8) – They had no real chance against the Seahawks at home. Even with so many quarterbacks on their roster, they are desperate for one that can play.  Previous Rank: 28

30.   Houston Texans (2-8) – The fans boo’d Schaub so loudly the Texans had to use a soft count in their loss to Oakland. He won’t start for them again.  Previous Rank: 29

31.   Atlanta Falcons (2-8) – They’ve dropped eight straight games and their running game is awful. The defense is in shambles as well and will get picked apart easily by Drew Brees this week.  Previous Rank: 30

32.   Jacksonville Jaguars (1-9) – It couldn’t hurt them to sign Tim Tebow. They really can’t get much worse than they already are, and at least he would put fans in the seats.  Previous Rank: 31