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Oct 6, 2013; Mandatory Credit: Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, when I heard Gronkowski had an infection, I was very nervous. I’ve seen up close a situation where an infection compromised a broken bone. After he came back and broke his arm the first time he fell on it, I told my friends his career is over. Since that time, I’ve been very anxious about whether that was going to be true or not. I ended up feeling much better about things after seeing him interviewed and seeing him in pads this year so far. However, now that he is reluctant to come back, I’m very anxious again. His career may in fact be close to over. If he breaks that arm again, we will know. What a horrible tragedy it would be. It would be a-kin the to loss of Bo Jackson. A true superstar to be whose career was simply over before it began. Of course, I have not inside knowledge of the situation, so I’m just a very nervous fan, in the dark, like everyone else. But my gut feeling all along has been a very bad one. I pray that I am very wrong. I don’t think we will find out this week though against the Saints. I believe Gronk will not play this week. Also, I believe the Saints will win this game as the Patriots offense is severely compromised without a tight end receiving threat. The team needed Gronk to return to form, and/or have Zach Sudfeld emerge as a reliable receiving threat. Neither of these has materialized, and the Patriots are left with out an answer.

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Injury Report
New England Patriots Official Website
The Patriots – Saints official injury report.

Brady Needs Frustration To Pass
he Patriots’ offense is a mess. As he has done throughout his career, Brady bit his tongue when asked why. By now it must be hanging together by a couple of taste buds.

Gronkowski Not Cleared To Play
The New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski may have a career threatening forearm injury.

Jimmy Graham Poses Unique Problem
Boston Herald by Matt Chatham
NFL tight end is one of the toughest jobs in football, based on its many demands. One play you block someone 40 pounds heavier than you, the next you’re running a 30-yard seam route, only to hustle back those same 30 yards to line up and repeat the cycle.

Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

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