NFL Week 6 Power Rankings


Oct 6, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (12) during the second half of the game against the Seattle Seahawks at Lucas Oil Stadium. The Colts won 34-28. Mandatory Credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

My NFL Power Rankings for Week 6:

1.   Denver Broncos (5-0) – Peyton proved he was human and threw an interception, but that didn’t stop the Broncos from rolling to their 5th win. The Cowboys were easily their toughest opponent yet, and it’ll be exciting to see them play another play0ff-caliber team when Peyton’s return to Indy in two weeks. Next week the Broncos have a bye when they play the Jaguars, who have scored the same amount of points all season that the Broncos put up on Sunday.  Previous Rank: 1

2.   New Orleans Saints (5-0) – The Broncos are getting all the attention, but Drew Brees and the Saints are quietly demolishing high-quality teams. They have had a much harder schedule than the Broncos to date, and they have another tough match-up next week in New England. If they win that game, it may be time to recognize them as the top team in the league over the Broncos, who have beaten lesser opponents.  Previous Rank: 4

3.   Seattle Seahawks (4-1) –  After losing their first game of the season, the Seahawks got a reality check that they aren’t perfect. This check may be exactly what they need to keep them working hard all season. Losing to a playoff caliber team like the Colts is tough, but the game was so close they can use it as motivation for the future.  Previous Rank: 2

4.   Kansas City Chiefs (5-0) – The Chiefs at 5-0? Alex Smith is incredibly underrated as a game manager. Andy Reid is coaching like he did in his prime, and this team is riding the momentum as much as they can. They have relatively easy match-ups until week 11 when they take on the division rival Broncos in Denver. Anyone already looking forward to that game?  Previous Rank: 5

5.   New England Patriots (4-1) –  It’s hard to remember a time when the Patriots’ offense looked as stagnant as they did against the Bengals on Sunday. In what turned out to be a stellar defensive game, Tom Brady struggled hard and failed to throw a TD for the first time in 52 games, breaking his streak. As much as people want to blame the new receivers, Brady and the O-line had a miserable game. Seeing him throw to LT Nate Solder in the endzone shows how badly he misses Rob Gronkowski.  Previous Rank: 3

6.   Indianapolis Colts (4-1) – After rallying to beat the previously undefeated Seahawks, the Colts received a huge confidence boost this Sunday and showed the league they are a legitimate contender in the AFC. Once the newly-acquired Trent Richardson breaks through, this offense will be tough to stop.  Previous Rank: 6

7.   Cincinnati Bengals (3-2) –  The defense held the best quarterback in the game, Tom Brady, to his first game without a TD in 52 games. Gino Atkins was disruptive as ever and the secondary held their own against a constantly under-pressure Brady. They rebounded against a tough loss vs. the Browns last week in a huge way.  Previous Rank: 9

8.   Chicago Bears (3-2) –  Dispite losing their past two games, the Bears are still a very good team. They lost in a tight game against the Lions, in which Jay Cutler cost them the win with his turnovers, and this week they lost to an excellent Saints team. Expect them to rebound in a big way against the lowly Giants this week.  Previous Rank: 7

9.   Miami Dolphins (3-2) – Although the Dolphins lost this week, they have a huge positive to take away in the play of Ryan Tannehill. Despite being sacked six times, he remained calm in the pocket and still made accurate throws, even when he had to scramble outside. They need to protect him better, though, if they want him to stay healthy.  Previous Rank: 8

10.   Green Bay Packers (2-2) – Aaron Rodgers was sick of hearing about how Matt Stafford may be the quarterback to beat in the NFC North. He outplayed Stafford, but not by much since the Lions were without their best weapon in Calvin Johnson and their O-line gave up 5 sacks to the Packers. The loss of Clay Matthews for a month is tremendous, but Rodgers should be able to put up enough points to make the defensive loss a non-factor.  Previous Rank: 12

11.   Detroit Lions (3-2) –  Without Calvin Johnson, this offense is significantly weaker. They need him along with Reggie Bush to make a strong outing, but even still, the Lions have a good team and are in first place in the NFC North. They will need all of their best weapons at hand to beat out the very good Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears come December.  Previous Rank: 10

12.   Tennessee Titans (3-2) –  The offense significantly struggled without Jake Locker at the helm. The game started out on a weak note for the Titans after giving up 13 early points to a muffed punt and two field goals. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 247 yards and a TD but with his 2 picks, he gave up the win to Kansas City.  Previous Rank: 11

13.   San Francisco 49ers (3-2) –  Poor Matt Schaub was overwhelmed by the ‘Niners defense on Sunday night. After they went up 21-0  in the second quarter and Schaub got benched, it was all but a sealed win for the 49ers. They got on the right track to correct their slow start, but still need to improve if they want to beat their division-rival Seattle Seahawks.  Previous Rank: 13

14.   Dallas Cowboys (2-3) –  Although the Cowboys lost against the Broncos this week, they played incredibly well and have a lot to go forward with. Romo had an impeccable game going 25/36 for 506 yards (a career high) and throwing 5 TDs. His game-costly interception wasn’t entirely his fault as he was stepped on when he dropped back, and the defender made an excellent play to make the pick. Despite their record, they are easily the best team in the NFC East and they should be expected to win the division.

15.   Cleveland Browns (3-2) – There’s no doubt about it that the injury to Brian Hoyer hurts this high-flying Browns team that has won 3 straight since trading Trent Richardson to the Colts, but they are still tied for first in the AFC North. Brandon Weeden returns to the starting job, but if he can maintain the connection with star TE Jordan Cameron and the defense remains an underrated force, the Browns will continue to surprise everyone.  Previous Rank: 19

16.   Baltimore Ravens (3-2) – After returning to the mindset of “just give the ball to Ray Rice,” the Ravens were able to grind out a win over the Dolphins. Joe Flacco was just 19/32 for 269 and 1 INT, which is not what the Ravens are paying for, but at least he got the win.  Previous Rank: 21

17.   Arizona Cardinals (3-2) – If it weren’t for this defense, the Cardinals would have a losing record right now. Carson Palmer just isn’t playing his best and Larry Fitzgerald isn’t getting the ball enough. They can’t run the ball very well, but Andre Ellington has slowly improved each game.  Previous Rank: 20

18.   Houston Texans (2-3) – What’s wrong with Matt Schaub? He’s thrown a pick-6 in his last four games and is already nearing his interception total of last season (12). He finished Sunday night’s massacre with a passer rating of 32.2, his lowest since 2008 when he lost an ugly game to the Titans. Maybe it’s time TJ Yates takes the helm, although he may not be a significant upgrade.  Previous Rank: 14

19.   San Diego Chargers (2-3) – So much for the “new Phil Rivers.” Despite going 36/49 with 411 yards and 2 TDs, he couldn’t escape the turnovers and threw 3 picks. These and the two lost fumbles by the Chargers proved to be the difference against the Raiders.  Previous Rank: 19

20.   New York Jets (3-2) – Geno Smith finally looked like a franchise quarterback Monday night against the Falcons. He finished with a passer rating of 147.7, which is close to perfect. He didn’t turnover the ball and the Jets kept the penalties to a minimum, two unique characteristics for the team this season.  Previous Rank: 26     

21.   Buffalo Bills (2-3) – Even with CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson, the Bills were unable to produce on offense once EJ Manuel left Thursday’s game with an injury. He may be out 4-to-8 weeks, which could derail the Bills’ season unless Thaddeus Lewis is suddenly a viable starting QB.  Previous Rank: 18

22.   Philadelphia Eagles (2-3) – They beat the Giants, but everyone has this season so far. Their only other win comes against the also weak division-opponent Washington Redskins. They will need Foles to play at his best in Vick’s absence, but will that re-ignite the QB controversy?  Previous Rank: 23

23.   Atlanta Falcons (1-4) – It’s amazing that this team is only 1-4. Matt Ryan is playing well, but the run game is suffering without Steven Jackson. They need to start closing out games or their season may already be over in a tight NFC, especially with their division-rival Saints sitting at 5-0.  Previous Rank: 17

24.   Oakland Raiders (2-3) –  Terrelle Pryor had a near-perfect game late Sunday night against the Chargers, going 18/23 for 221 yards and 2 TDs with no picks. He’s improved dramatically and gives this team the confidence to play well against more complete opponents.  Previous Rank: 30     

25.   St. Louis Rams (2-3) – It took playing the Jaguars for Sam Bradford to have a good game this season. They were able to run the ball relatively well too compared to previous weeks. Don’t expect this trend to continue, though.  Previous Rank: 24

26.   Minnesota Vikings (1-3) – The Vikings are turning into the Jets with their quarterback circus now that they just signed Josh Freeman. With him, Matt Cassel and Christian Ponder all vying for starts, it’ll be interesting to see which way this team goes. Their best option for now is likely Cassel.  Previous Rank: 25

27.   Carolina Panthers (1-3) – You can’t expect any quarterback to play well behind such an abysmal offensive line. They gave up 7 sacks against Arizona and prevented the running game from taking off. This team could bounce back next weekend when they travel to Minnesota.  Previous Rank: 22 

28.   Washington Redskins (1-3) –  It’s amazing that even with a 1-3 record, this team is still not out of the running in the NFC East, since the Cowboys and Eagles are both 2-3. Hopefully RGIII used the bye week to heal up, but it may not matter with a defense this bad.  Previous Rank: 27

29.   Pittsburgh Steelers (0-4) – Every team in the AFC North is 3-2 except Pittsburgh. They need to start winning immediately or their season will end very soon.  Previous Rank: 28

30.   New York Giants (0-5) – Eli has already hit 12 interceptions on the season, and the team has 20 turnovers as a whole. They have a point differential of -100, second worse only to Jacksonville.  Previous Rank: 29

31.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-4) – Mike Glennon could use next week’s game against the Eagles as a momentum builder, but the team absolutely cannot continue their trend of shooting itself in the foot with stupid penalties. Hopefully Glennon can turn this team around, they rank 32nd in the league in passing offense.  Previous Rank: 31

32.   Jacksonville Jaguars (0-5) – The Jags twitter account has more of a fight in it than the actual team. Vegas is giving the Jags a +28 point spread when they play the Broncos this week, tying the largest ever. They could have gone even higher.  Previous Rank: 32