NFL Power Rankings: Top Ten After Week Five

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8. Cincinnati Bengals (3-2):

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Welcome back to the Top Ten Cincinnati Bengals. After maybe the biggest win in years for this team, the Bengals thoroughly beat the New England Patriots, and thoroughly dominated one of the greatest quarterbacks in history, in Tom Brady. It wasn’t pretty, the Bengals only managed about 200 yards, and had to punt the ball six times, and throw in two bad turnovers, one that cost them points in the first quarter, and one that almost cost them the game when Bernard fumbled. But in the end, they managed to come up with the big interception, and seal the deal. Coming off a brutal loss to the Browns, this has to be very uplifting for the Bengals, who many considered the class of the AFC North. Well right now, they’re tied at the top of the division with the Browns of all teams. The Bengals got to Brady early and often, for a total of five sacks on the day. They also managed to hold Brady to less than 200 yards passing, and only 82 yards rushing. A dominant defensive performance has put the Bengals back on the radars of the rest of the NFL, and maybe this will give them some momentum for the rest of the season.