New England Patriots: Former Star Brian Holloway a Victim of Appalling Immaturity


Former New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders offensive lineman Brian Holloway’s home was crashed on Labor Day weekend this year by an estimated 300-400 local teenagers to use as a party house. Over the weekend, the teens caused an estimated $20,000 worth of damages and thefts to the former three-time Pro-Bowler and Super Bowl XX veteran’s home. Some of the damages done to his home include broken windows and glass doors, urinated carpets, graffiti on the walls, and holes in the ceiling. Perhaps the most disturbing offense was the theft of an eagle statue that was part of a memorial for his stillborn grandson. The statue has since been returned. On top of the damages the was evidence of illegal drug use. Although the party was busted by the local sheriff, there were no arrests made.

Since discovering his damaged home, Holloway has been using social media to track down these party-goers. Tweets, photos, and some geniuses that graffiti’d their own names on his wall have helped to identify at least 300 teens. Holloway has been posting the evidence on a website called, to raise awareness and to help take teens’ names who did not attend the party off the evidence list. On the webite, he explains that he cannot do much of the clean-up work himself due to his NFL injuries and resulting surgeries including the replacement of a knee, both shoulders, and his hip. He also discusses his friends and former teammates that he has seen die too young from excessive drug and alcohol use, among them were former Patriots Steve Moore, Rod Shoate, and Leon Grey.

"“I do know for a fact, if I do nothing, if we do nothing regarding these 300 students,  we will have missed our chance to take a stand for their future.” – Brian Holloway"

More troubling than the lack of maturity of the teens is the appalling lack of responsibility demonstrated by the parents of these party-animals. Holloway expected about 100 parents to show up at his house with their teens to help him clean up the mess…only one did. Not only are the parents failing to teach their kids accountability for their actions, but they are actually threatening to sue Holloway for posting the images and names of their delinquent teens online. Ironically, this twist is because the parents don’t want Holloway ruining their teens’ lives by hurting their chances of getting into college. Personally, if I were one of the teens involved my parents would have made me clean his entire house myself, and pay for it, and ground me for months, and tack on any other number of reasonable punishments.

Holloway offered the 300 a chance of redemption by attending his picnic to honor military veterans and their families today (Sept. 21st). He states to them on his website:

"“Please help! Come out and help set up, fix up, bring food, and picnic stuff, so we can honor these real HEROS. I’m here. Come now. Take a stand for your future.  This is called redemption.”"

Hopefully more than just one of these teens and their parents find the courage to face the man who’s home they wrecked.

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