NFL Power Rankings: Top 10 After Week Two

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Colin Kaepernick was running for his life most the game vs the stout Seahawks pass rush.

3. San Francisco 49ers:

Last week, the San Francisco 49ers looked like the top team in football, as they handled a very good Green Bay Packers team. This week… Not so much. They got hammered against division rivals Seahawks in Seattle. Whether it was the crowd noise, the weather delay or something else, the 49ers just came out flat, against a team you cannot afford to do that with. Kaepernick had one of the worst games of his very short career, throwing three picks while he was running for his life waiting for things to develop downfield. Guess what? Nothing ever developed downfield. Anquan Boldin was swallowed whole by Dick Sherman, Vernon Davis was a non-factor after he hurt his hamstring, not even Frank Gore could muster much against the Seahawks run defense. Things don’t get too much easier for the 49ers, as they have to face a very stingy Indianapolis Colts team, coming off a close loss against the Miami Dolphins next week. While I don’t think anyone should be selling their stock in the 49ers, this was a much needed slap in the face for the players, the coaching staff, and even the fans who might have gained an inflated ego after the Packer game.